Heretic Map List

by the team

To access a map, type “ENGAGE XY” when playing the game, where X is stands for the episode and Y for the map. If you want to e.g. warp to E2M4, type “ENGAGE 24”.

Each episode starts with the first map (ExM1) and ends with the 8th map (ExM8). The 9th map (ExM9) is always a secret map. The map names in italics refer to those maps from which you can access the secret level of the given episode.

Original Heretic Episodes

MapLevel Name
E1M1The Docks
E1M2The Dungeons
E1M3The Gatehouse
E1M4The Guard Tower
E1M5The Citadel
E1M6 The Cathedral
E1M7The Crypts
E1M8Hell’s Maw
E1M9The Graveyard
E2M1The Crater
E2M2The Lava Pits
E2M3The River of Fire
E2M4 The Ice Grotto
E2M5The Catacombs
E2M6 The Labyrinth
E2M7The Great Hall
E2M8The Portals of Chaos
E2M9The Glacier
E3M1The Storehouse
E3M2The Cesspool
E3M3The Confluence
E3M4 The Azure Fortress
E3M5The Ophidian Lair
E3M6The Halls of Fear
E3M7The Chasm
E3M8D’Sparil’S Keep
E3M9The Aquifier
E4M1*Secret Level

Shadow of the Serpent Riders Episodes

MapLevel Name
E4M5Great Stair
E4M6Halls of the Apostate
E4M7Ramparts of Perdition
E4M8Shattered Bridge
E5M1Ochre Cliffs
E5M7Foetid Manse
E5M8Field of Judgement
E5M9Skein of D’Sparil
E6M1Secret Level
E6M2Secret Level
E6M3*Secret Level

*If you have Shadow of the Serpent Riders (v1.2 and later), the original secret level moves from E4M1 to E6M3.