Heretic II Walkthrough

by Anaxagoras


Silverspring Docks

From the start of the game on the Dock go to the left and through the double wooden doors. To the right from the Dock there are some goodies in the room you will find. Also, if you jump into the water at the Dock, there is a surprise in the chest below it. You can also take a short cut from the Dock if you wish. Just go straight ahead and jump on the crate that you will see and climb over the roof.

After you wind your way through some badies you will run into a wooden gate with a button to the left of it. Push the button.

You will soon enter a room with a badie or two on a raised platform. You must get atop that platform and push a button that is up there. This button will open the next door. There are two secrets in this room. One is underneath the platform and the other is directly opposite the platform. To get to the second secret you must pole vault from the platform and across the room to a ledge.

You enter a courtyard. Notice a locked door. You must find the key. Proceed through the next gate, which is most likely down, and pull the lever to open it.

Pass through this next room till you get the Key. Then return to the locked door and open it. (Notice that there is a sewer cover near the key. You can break it and jump down for extra adventure, health and mana. It will return you to the Dock.)

Make your way through the tavern. A few of the plague infested zombies will break down the stairs to the upper level of the tavern. So you will have to find another way up to the second floor. Exit the tavern and turn to the left and make your way up the stack of boxes to get to the second floor. Don’t miss the Shrine!

Proceed through the next few doors and the spiral stair case and then up an elevator. Break the floor grating and fall through. It is time to meet the old Harbor Master, Dranor. He will tell you a story. Afterwards, get the Mana Shrine and climb down the rope.

Silverspring Warehouses

After you descend the rope, go to the left and into a dead end. Look up and notice that the ceiling is broken open. Jump up and then when in the room above jump out the window. Follow the path until you get to a greenish lite hallway with stairs going down. Follow to the end and take a door on the right which brings you into a large room with a fire burning in it. Go around the corner while being careful for a boobytrapped entrance way. Proceed through this room and into the warehouse, stacked with crates. You will need to press a button on the wall, which will lower a crane with a box. Jump on box and ride it up to the second floor. Walk around the platform and get the Spirit Shrine. You will notice a button on the wall. Jump up onto the platform and push the button. Then jump out of the window and go through the doorway that was just opened up, but get the Mana Shrine first.

Climb up the stairs into a room with a dilapidated floor. Jump down into the water below and then walk up the inclined plane that is down there and then push the button you find, which opens a floor door below the inclined plane. Swim into the water and down and when you get into the big underwater room, swim to the right and then get out of the water. Get on the elevator that you find and ride it up.

Pull the switch that you find, which will cause the crane arm to drop the crate onto a floor door and bust it open. Jump in.

The Town of Silverspring

Follow the path around until you get to a locked wooden gate. Proceed along the way until you end up trapped in a room with a few badies. Kill them off and then press the button, which will open the locked gate. Backtrack to the gate and go through and follow it to an open sky alley.

There is an immediate right turn at the beginning of the alley. Take it and then walk up the stairs. Notice the locked door at the top. You will need to find a Key to this door. Turn around and continue down the alley and enter the door ahead of you.

Exit the next room to the right and get the Key. Exit this room through the door and follow a hallway to its end and exit on the right. Follow this to the end and go to the left at a stairway going up to the right. Enter the little elevator room and ride up. Unlock the door at the top of the stairs and enter. Get the Spirit Shrine.

Take a minute to gaze at the next bulding. I love this scenery, this building. Walk to the top of the stairs and take another view. Then when you discover that the way up there is blocked, jump down and go around the side of the temple and then exit underneath. Get the Silver Armour Shrine and then jump into the water hole.

Silverspring Palace

After falling down the hole you drop into a waterway. Swimming forward brings you to a room with a crane-like device in the center and a button on the wall. Press the button two or three times to break open the door. Walk forward until you are in a room with some large, stocky pillars. Enter the next door and press the button to raise the elevator.

When you exit the elevator you enter a large room with a great deal of rubble on the floor and a Mana Shrine. Enter the door on the left and walk up the stairs until you are in a room with a door in the front and another behind you and to the right.

Go to the door behind you and pole vault your way across the broken bridge and retrieve the Cog. Jump back down into the room below with all the rubble and work your way back up the stairs. This time exit through the door ahead of you with all the interlaced circles.

Exit this large dinning room to the left and follow through until you find yourself in a beautifully ornate ceremonial hall, which seems to be dedicated to Corvus. Exit the hallway and enter the next.

Notice that there are three archways at the end of this structure. Go to the one on the right and fix the Cog in its place. Then exit through the center arch.

Follow the path until you encounter a fork in the road. Take either side and ascend the stairs of this excellently crafted room. Atop the stairs notice an archway that is shielded with a green force field. You will have to deactivate it later.

Turn away from the force field and follow the path through the next room and into a scroll room. Walk up to the left side of this room to reveal a secret door. Crouch through and get the Spirit Shrine and then jump over the trap door in the floor.

Get the Mana Shrine and then press all three buttons in that small room with the three entrapped gems. This will release the green door, to which you now need to return.

Climb up the stairs and discover a huge planetary gloge of Parthoris. There are four doors in this room: the one you came in; the one directly in front of you (which is locked); and one each to the left and the right. Go to both doors on the left and the right and press the buttons that are there. This will realign the globe and allow access to the first boss.

Get the Meteor Storm Spell and then enter the next door. When fighting this guy, use a tomed-up weapon. Once you finished him off for good, the ceiling will cave in. The floor under you will crack and you’ll fall down.

Darkmire Swamps

You now enter the Darkmire Swamps. This is a quick, transitional map. Be careful treading in the greenish bog and don’t stand still in it for too long or you will sink and die. Try to jump from stone to stone or tree stump and stay on the path.

Walk forward and then to the right. At the first broken bridge notice that to the left and down in the water there is a Silver Armour Shrine. Proceed forward and soon you will come to the Andorian Gates, but they are sealed. Leave the gate area through a path behind you and to the right.

You will soon encounter another broken bridge, and this one you will have to jump or pole vault over, as there is a death drop in between the two sides. Pass through the gate and examine the dilapidated buildings for some goodies. Then descend the stairs that you will encounter and enter the door to the Andoria Healer’s Tower.


Andoria Healer’s Tower

In this episode you will meet the Healer Siernan and he will put you on a quest. After completing this quest, you will have to return to him.

Approach the door in front of you and listen to the message that you are given. To pass this door you must retrieve the Warrior’s Shield. Walk down the stairs and notice that there is a platform suspended there and there is a button below. Get on the platform and when it begins to lower itself, jump off and go to the button. When the platform is on the floor, press the button, which extends two shafts that lock the platform to a floor plate. When the platform again raises itself, go down the set of stairs that it reveals. Also, if you break the two statues in this room you wil get some items.

Be careful of the booby trap that will come down on you at the end of these stairs and don’t miss the Spirit Shrine either. There is also mana and ammo up above you.

Walk forward and then either to the right or left. Notice the wall ornamentation with the scallop shell-like fixture. There is a button there you must press. The Warrior’s Shield will be revealed.

Return to the begining of the map and give the Shield to the statue. Enter the door that opens and step on the stone pillar in the center of the pool of water, which will raise the walls. Jump down to the left and approach the door, which will lock. Dive under the walkway in front of this door and press a button that is down there, which will reopen the door.

Follow the hallway down until you reach a room with two wall switches, one on the left and the other on the right. Before you pull them, look up and see the square opening above. When you pull both switches the ornate panel in the center of the room will open, revealing a wheel. Turn it. The water level in the room will begin to rise. Swim up through the hole above you.

Follow the tunnel to a large courtyard. You are now inside Andoria. On both sides of the main building with the huge statues there are two footplates which reveal two switches. Activate these to open the gates to Andoria. Follow the halls up and around and when you get to an area with a decline and water on both sides, jump in the water on the right and get the Mana Shrine. Continue on but be careful of the fire traps on the walls. Crouch and roll forward underneath them.

You now meet the Healer, Siernan. He tells you a story and sets you on a quest to find the ingredients for a cure to the plauge. Listen carefully and write down what items he needs you to get for him. They are:

  • a shard of the Sea Crystal,
  • a measure of Earth Blood,
  • a container suitable to carry the blood in.

This is when things start getting complicated with backtracking and stuff. I will design this walkthrough to complete the quest in the above listed order.

Andoria Plaza

The Plaza acts as a Hub for the Healer’s Quest. You will therefore be returning through here at least once.

Get the Morp Ovum and swim down. Go up the stairs and out of the water and push the button you will find. Walk forward through the door you just opened, and it will close behind you. Walk to the next door, which will trigger the floor behind you to open. Swim down and push the button to open the door and exit. This next room has a large center piece with two fountains pouring out the sides. Leave this room through the door on the left.

Proceed forward across the bridge and to the left. (There is a passageway in the area with the bridge on the right. Don’t bother taking it.) Follow the path around the buildings and clear out all the badies. You will then run down a short incline and on the right there is an entranceway to a room with a Silver Armour Shrine and a pool. Don’t enter the pool (this pool leads back to the beginning of the map). Exit the room to the right and you will find yourself in a large open area with a fountain in the middle.

This open area with the fountain is the center of the hub. There are two exits here. The one on the left leads to the Academic Quarter; and the one behind the wall leads to the Slums, eventually. Take the door on the left becasue we have to get the Sea Crystal first, and this is where we will find it. Proceed forward until you see a huge column in the center of the room. Behind you to your left is a Mana Shrine. Go around the column and swim into the water, down, and through the passage to The Academic Quarter.

Andoria Academic Quarters

Swim up and walk forward to the left. Notice the locked gate. You get into a room with water falling from the ceiling and all doors are locked. There is a small, rectangular pool in this room. Dive in.

Find the Silver Armour Shrine and then find a little stine protruding from the side of the wall. Get on this and jump from column to column to get to the other side and exit. In the next room there is a small pool and a fountain. Jump in and press the button. Then go to the door in this room and step on the floor switch to open it. Step on the switch in the next room too and then dive in the next small pool and push that button. This will open another door, to which you now must go.

In this big room there is a locked up Phoenix Bow. Clear out the badies and then go to one of the double doors and then up the stairs and pull the switch to release the Bow. Get the Bow and then enter the door that has opened. Visit the Spirit Shrine and then dive in.

Swim and then follow the path up and around until you spot the Sea Crystal (be careful you don’t fall down). Get the shard that is there and then exit through a door on the other side of the room and follow the path until you see a water column. Swim up and open the barred doors and exit the map by swimming down the next water column (where you originally entered the map). This will return you to the Andoria Plaza.

Andoria Plaza (2nd visit)

Swim to the top of the water column and then jump to the platform there with a door. Walk forward and stay on the second level of this map. Enter the door on the other side of the room with the centerpiece and coninue on. You will soon see a button, but don’t worry about it. Coninue through the exit on the left.

Here you will see a pool with yellow writting on the rim. Dive in and swim and then walk forward and to the left.

In this room there is a statue in the middle and a curious device on the wall behind it. Look around and you will see a button up above on a ledge. Jump up there and push it. It will open a secret area where you will find the Container for the Earth Blood. Get it and then press the button to open the next door.

Continue out the door that you just opened and enter the Slums.

Andoria Slums

Get the Lungs of the Ssithra Shrine and swim down and to the right and then surface. Walk up the stairs and go straight, not to the left. Climb the rope for some goodies and then continue forward and left to get your next weapon, the Firewall. Getting the Firewall will trigger a sequence that will open up the blockage behind you. Exit through the opening and then jump down and find the hallway to exit on the left. Don’t forget the Mana Shrine.

Continue on along the path and meet the second boss. Again, use tomed-up weapons. The Phoenix Bow works well against this boss, as does the Firewall. After you finish him off, exit though the door that opened and then jump up to the second level of the next room after the ceiling crumbles. Jump down into the water-filled room and get the Lung Shrine again. Swim along till you get to the Earth Blood Pool, which is underwater. Use your Container to gather the Blood and then swim up, visit the Lung Shrine and then swim into the next water hole. Pull the lever that you find and swim left, then right and then all the way straight and then up. Exit the door to the Plaza.

Then make your way back to the Healer and ride the lift up and put the Crystal and the Earth Blood in the devices on the wall. Grab the Vial and bring it to the Healer and listen to the bad news and note your instructions. Enter the portal that he creates to the Kell Caves. It is time to find the High Priestess of K’chekrik.

Kell Caves

Your quest now is to find the Priestess of K’chekrik. To get to her you need to pass the Kell Caves and then the Katlit’k Canyon. From the Portal near the Healer’s Lab, follow the path and when the way forks, go right. This will cause a cave in. Turn around and walk the other direction, but beware of the spike traps on the wall. Enter a room with a horde of badies eating a corpse and then drop down into the water below. Swim forward.

You will end up in a water filled room with no exit and a closed door. Notice the platform on the far wall. Jump up there and pull the lever and exit through the opened door. Get the Lung Shrine and swim to the end and then surface into a small cavern. Exit to the left, down an incline and then swim forward some more. Surface in another cavern and make your way up the rock surface on the far end. Get the Spirit Shrine and continue forward. When you get to a small, low hole in the wall, crouch and roll forward and through. Kabboom!

Katlit’k Canyon

You are now in another transition map. Run forward and dive in the pool at the end. (There are actually two ways you can go to the next map, but this is the easiest.) Swim forward, surface and proceed forward some more. Just after the “K’chekrik” sign climb up the cliff face and then pole vault across to the cave on the other side. Climb up the next ledge and meet the dying Scout who was sent by Siernan. Listen closely to what he says. This encounter puts you on a new quest. You must find the Warrior’s Amulet and then pass the Gauntlet.

Leave the Scout and follow the path. Pole vault over the broken bridges and ascend to the waterfall (behind the waterfall there is a small cave with some goodies, including a Silver Armour Shrine). Cross the next bridge and get the Sphere of Annihilation Spell and the Light of the Seraph Shrine.

Go forward some more and scale the cliff wall to get to a high exit cave above. There is a very dark area and surely that is why a Light Shrine was near by. It might be difficult to see your way up, but keep looking. When you finally climb up, proceed through it until you enter an open area.

At the end of the open area there is a drop. Jump down and run forward to a subterranean lake with a water way exit which you must take. Don’t forget the Spirit Shrine. You will soon be standing on the top of a waterfall. Absorb the scenery and then jump down, being careful not to fall on the water wheels below. Find the exit on the far side of this area and now you will be at the entrance to K’chekrik. There is a key to the front door on the left side of this area. Get it and enter the front door.

K’chekrik Hive

K’chekrik Hive

You are now inside the Hive. There is a long haul to get finally to the Priestess. So let’s get started!

You first enter a large room with four exits (including the one you just entered). To the right there is a Spirit Shrine. Ahead, behind that large pillar, is a locked door (you will be returning here in a second). And to the left is an entranceway leading to a Statuette. Go to the left, avoid the flame traps and visit the Statuette. “Something is missing,” says Corvus. Remember this place, for after you finally get the Warrior’s Amulet, you must return here. In the meantime, press the button near the entrance to open the door in the first main room. On your way back to the main room a secret has opened up with a Gold Armour Shrine in it. Follow the path behind the door and find yourself in another large room. Ahead of you there is a Throne. To the right there is an exit. Up to the left is a door and a button. Go push the button to open the door and then turn around and exit through the other side of the room. Follow the path and stay to the left. You will soon be in a room with water encircling a mass of stone.

Dive in the water and swim around the back to find an entrance under water. Swim in and look up. The way is currently blocked. Swim down and find the Lung Shrine and then continue swimming down and around until you can surface. In this room there is a door. Take it and follow the path into a mechanical room with a button. Push it. It opens the grating that barred your path up the water column.

Return to the water column and swim all the way up. Get the Spirit Shrine and the Lightening Shield Spell. Exit through the door ahead. (This is a different map (HIVE2.BSP) but I am combining the two because it makes things easier.)

Walk forward, climb the stairs and enter a large room with two statues holding up a stone coffin. Remember this place, for you will need to return here too. You will need two items to solve this puzzle, so we will get both of them and then return. You will need the T’chekric Heart Gem and the Spear of the Warrior. First, look at the statue on the right. Corvus concludes that something is missing. Notice that it doesn’t have a read heart-shaped gem in its chest? Leave this room to the left and jump at the wall button to trigger it.

Run forward through this hallway and when you enter the next room, look to your right for a Mana Shrine. Stand in front of the Mana Shrine and face away from it. Go forward and to the left (don’t take the exit on the right). Climb up the stones in the next room and follow the path around until you enter a room with a rope and three wall buttons. Press the button on the far left. and then turn around and see the Gem. Get it. Climb down the rope and exit the door on the right. In the the next room get the Gold Armour Shrine on the right and then exit the door that opens. Be careful of the fire traps on the walls and then ride the stone up. Go forward the step on the floor plate, fall through the hole in the floor and you will be back in the hall with the flame traps. Exit the flame trap hall and return to the previous room and exit on the right through the door that is now open there.

Go forward and enter the next room. There will be a large octagonal stone in the center of this room and there will be a Spirit Shrine. Walk around the centerpiece and find the stairs. Walk up them and approach the ornamented stone. This will open the stone and reveal the Spear of the Warrior. Get it. Exit this room to the right through the areas that opened up after you took the Spear. In the next room step on the floor plate and ride the stone column up.

Jump down off the ledge and go to the right and return to the place where the two large statues are holding up the coffin. Go to the statue on the right and place the Gem. Then place the Spear on the corpse inside the coffin. This will open the door in front of you and reveal the Warrior’s Amulet. Get it and then fall down the hole in the middle of the floor. (Save game!) Run forward BUT be careful when you approach a very dark area. There is a deadly ledge there which you can easily fall off. Go slowly and look to the left for a place to walk and then look up. Jump up to the ledge that you see and then go across the bridge to return to Hive1.

Make your way all the way back to the beginning of this map and locate the Warrior Statuette and put the Amulet on it. A scripted sequence will occur and you will soon be on your way to the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet / Trial Pit

There is not much to these two maps. For the Gauntlet you need to successfully pass a number of course hazards and get to the end of the map. Save often and save to two different spots. Once you complete the Gauntlet, you then enter the Hive Trial Pit, where you must defeat another boss, this time a Triceratops-like creature.

Run quickly across the bridge when you enter the map. If you dally, you will be toast. Be careful of the two big ass bear traps that you will have to jump over in the next room and prepare for an ambush.

You will then be facing a jumping test. Notice that there are hexagonal tiles variously located on the floor. You will need to jump from tile to tile to exit this area, and be careful not to step on areas where there are no tiles. Also, note that some of the tiles have green-blood splats on them. If you jump on one of these, do not stand there long or you will be a pancake. For a stone pillar descends down from the ceiling and crushes you. You will make it through easily enough if you take care of jumping. Some jumps require a pole vault too. Lastly, notice that there is a Silver Armour Shrine to the left from the entrance.

After this room you will find yourself in a circular room with a raised walkway encircling the area. You need to get up there and step on a floor plate to activate the exit.

Go forward and slow down when you begin to near the lava pit. Look to your left from the edge of the pit and shoot the button on the wall. Carefully step onto the rotating platform and exit on the opposite side. (Note: there is a secret in this room. Notice the wall tile with the demon-like texture. Break the wall with a projectile. Jump in there and get a Health Flask, but be careful of the flame traps.) Ride the next elevator up. Proceed forward.

Look at the walls on the right and left when you approach the next lava pit. Notice that there are flame traps on the wall. You will need to jump over the traps, but do not over-jump or you will jump into the lava pit. When you are at the edge, save and jump (or walk) on to the platform to be carried over the pit. Jump down the hole in the floor.

Run forward, to the right, and then to the left and mind the spikes that will attempt to spear you from behind. Save. You will now encounter a hazard course with swinging hammers and gadgets. Do this slowly and time every forward run. When you finally get past the swinging things, you will need to jump on to a few moving pillars and then to a walkway. When you get on the walkway, run and prepare to jump, for the floor under you will begin to slide away into the wall. Next time your runs through the hammers and then time your run through more of the swinging things. Go forward and get the Spirit Shrine on your right and proceed forward to the Hive Trial Pit.

Throw everything that you have at this guy, but try and limit yourself to mana-eating weapons because there is a Mana Shrine in here that regenerates. There are also Spirit and Silver Armour Shrines in here, but they do not regenerate. Get the Iron Doom Spell and enter The Lair of the Mothers.

Lair of the Mothers

This is a fairly long map.Your goal is to find the Hive Priestess and get a cure for the Plague.

Go forward and cross the bridges (look over the edge of the bridges nearest the doors and you will find some goodies underneath).

This first room you enter will be large and green. Notice the giant larva here. You do not need to do anything with or to it. But if you have ammo to spare, destroy it. You will get some Offensive Mana from it. But as I said, it is not necessary. Climb the rope and swing to the platform. Check the door there. You will need a Key to open this door, but it will not tell you. Either Raven neglected to tag the door with a message or they did it on purpose. Walk around the platform to the other side and enter the door. Continue on to the next room and jump to the rope, but be careful not to fall in the slime below or you will get stuck and sink. (Note: Notice that column in the center of this room and note the red slashes in it. Fire at the slashes to break the column and then jump down and get the goodies.) Exit through the door.

Get the Gold and Spirit Shrines and then walk forward and up the incline. Go to the other end of this room and jump over the wall to get the Key. Exit this room through the side way and when you are at the fork in the road, get the Silver Armour Shrine. Notice that there is a hole in the floor. Fall down the hole and then run forward until you end up in the green room again. Climb the rope and unlock the door. Enter the doorway and run forward and on the way get the Spirit and Mana Shrines.

You will soon see a wall in front of you that looks like honeycomb. Walk around it and enter the area that appears to be an incubation chamber. Get the T’chekrik Idol and turn around an fall down one of the holes. Go to the door that was not originally sealed and run forward and continue to where you found the Key. Exit, again, on through the sideway and this time instead of going to the left and down the hole, go forward and to the right.

Continue forward until you find the place to put the Idol. Place the T’chekrik Idol on the pedestal and then enter the Portal that opens.

Meet the Hive Priestess. She will talk with you for a bit and then attack. I found the Phoenix Bow to work well against her. But conserve your ammo because you do not need to actually kill her; rather you need to bring her to the brink of death. She will give up and talk to you again and then send you on your merry way to the Ogle Mines.

Ogle Mines

Your goal now is to get to the Cloud Fortress and defeat Morcalavin. But to attain this, you must first pass the Ogle Mines.

Run forward and climb down the rope. Follow the walkway and be careful of the steam vent. Get the Spirit Shrine and then jump up to the path and follow it. When you get to the fork in the road, go either way and then take the elevator down.

You will now be in an area with a door directly in front of you and an exit way ahead to the left. Go to the left first and be careful of your jumps. You will find a Mine Cart there, but it is missing a wheel. Return to the previous room and now exit the door that was there. Go forward and take the next elevator down.

After you clear out this room, notice that there is a small crawl space under the piping. Crawl through. In this next room, make sure you do not break all the barrels! For you will need at least one to jump on top of and get to the raised level. [NOTE: I was contacted by Herbert Peters who informed me that this is not the case. He showed me that you can actually break the barrels. They do not matter. You can get up to the higher platform by breaking the wooden pole that holds up the iron bar.] After you get up to the higher level, go forward and get the Gold Armour Shrine. Turn around and notice the locked door. Continue on the path to the next area. You will see a higher level to this room and you must get up there to pull a switch. Go to the wall in between the two vertical metal beams and jump up. The switch will open the door in the previous area that you just were in. Go there now and get the Mine Cart Wheel. Return to the Mine Cart and fasten the wheel to it and prepare for a quick ride. (You now enter oglemine2.bsp)

After you get up from your ride in the Cart, go forward and enter a room with some conveyor belts. Jump down and notice the locked door. Crawl through the small passage here. Watch for the steam pipe and the assassin.

In the next, large room you will be faced with an impassable stream of slime. To the right you will notice a door. Go through it and get the Spirit Shrine and pull the switch, which will unlock the door in the earlier room. Before you exit this area, climb up the wall and get to the upper level and check out the trolly that will take you across the slime river. Notice that it has no power!

Return to that room and pass through the door. Turn the wheel to kill the steam vents and continue forward to another room with more conveyor belts. Jump down on the belts and go to the left and follow the path around.

You will now be in a huge area with a large pool of lava in the center. Notice that there is an exit ahead and to the left and there is a rope. Jump to the rope and climb up to a room of goodies and then descend again and continue ahead to get the Unrefined Ore. After you got it, exit through the other side of the room (not the way you entered). Walk the wooden walkway and follow the path to the right of the fork. Put the Unrefined Ore in the Refinery and get it processed. Retrieve the Refined Ore and return to the wooden walkway, but this time take the fork that you have not yet taken.

Take the elevator up and follow the path through the next two doors to the tram. Place the Ore in the receptacle, pull the switch and get on the Tram. Get the Blade Shrine and exit though the door and up the elevator. You are now entering Morcalavin’s Dungeon.

The Cloud Fortress

Morcalavin’s Dungeons

You are now in Morcalavin’s domain. It is not much farther to him, so just sit tight.

Run forward and into the second room. Take either the right or left path and then take the elevator up.

When you finally get to the top, run forward again and enter the room with the lava pit and cage in the center. Go to the door on the left and notice that it is locked. Get the two shrines here and go to the right side of the room and ride this elevator up. Pull the switch here, which will unlock the door below.

Return to the once locked door and enter, but be very careful of the flame traps on the walls. Go forward and work your way to the other end of the Jails and then take the elevator up.

Get the Light of the Seraph Shrine and then push the button on the wall. Wait for the cage to descend and then jump on top of it and stay there. The cage will rise and when it is at the top, jump off into the room and get the Silver Armour Shrine.

Follow the path around the room and pull the two floor switches (notice the chain hanging from the ceiling and the Phoenix Bow arrows across the room). These two switches unlock the jail cells below. Return there now.

When you first re-renter the jail cell area, go to the left and listen to what the dying man has to say. Get the Inner Sanctum Key from him and then look in the corner for the break in the wall. Crawl through.

Follow the path to the right and pull the switch to open the door. Then turn around and walk up the stairs, following the loud, thumping noise. Pass these traps and then walk across the iron beam and enter the door. Exit the Dungeon and prepare for the Could Fortress Hub.

The Cloud Fortress, Part One

This section of the game encompasses four maps, all linked by Cloudhub.bsp. I will divide this section of the Walkthrough into two separate parts. This part covers the first three Tomes of Power that Corvus must locate and turn off. There are six Tomes total, so the next part of this Walkthru will cover those and also Morcalavin. Actually, there are seven Tomes all together, but the last will have to wait for last. = )

Run forward and when you enter the room with the four columns, look up and to the left. There will be a Light of the Seraph Shrine and some more goodies up there. When you are done, exit this room, climb the wall and walk the narrow stone path.

You now stand before the Cloud Fortress. Enter, keep moving forward and climb the stairs. Keep forging ahead and get the Gold Armour Shrine, continuing from there until you reach a huge set of doors. Use the Inner Sanctum Key to gain entrance.

Enter the door and notice the huge, bluish-grey door straight in front of you. Behind these doors stands Morcalavin. Continue to the left, up the stairs and around the bend.

Enter the next door and take good note of the green force field on one of the doorways. You must remember this place, for you will need to return here after you deactivate all the Tomes. It is through this entrance that you make your way to Morcalavin. Note the rays of green light that emanate from the seven Tomes. Each Tome you deactivate will close a Tome and the light will disappear. Exit through the next door.

Enter a room with some nasty machinery in front of you (see the last screenshot on this page). Notice the door to the right: it is locked. Remember this door too, for you will need to come back here after you get the first three Tomes. It will open after you get them. Exit to the left and then walk down the wooden ramp. There is a metal plate in the center of this room. It is a lift up to the roof. Go to the alcove and pull the lever. Run to the lift and ride it up. Get the Spirit Shrine and then push the button (1) . This closes the first Tome. Jump down, exit through the door and enter another lab.

Take heed of the door directly ahead. It is locked. Follow the path to the left and climb the stairs. You are now in some kind of specimen room. Go to the other end of the room and pull the switch, which will unlock the door in the previous room. Enter this door. Before you get the Gold Armour Shrine, notice that there are two paths here. One goes to the right and the other goes straight. Take the path to the right and then run straight ahead. You will now be in a room with a huge boiler. Jump down to the bottom and look at the two flames that are heating the boiler. In the flame chamber there is another Tome button; but you cannot get to it without first turning off the flames. Go to the Mana Shrine and take the elevator up. Find the wall switch in this room. Return to the boiler and push the button (2) now. You have closed the second Tome.

Either ride the other lift up or climb back up to the top of the boiler. From the doorway go straight and then up the stairs. Pull the switch on the piece of machinery and then step on the floor button (3) that is revealed and close a third Tome.

Exit this area where you closed the third Tome and work your way back to the beginning of this map where that locked door was near the nasty pieces of machinery. The door is now open. Enter it.

The Cloud Fortress, Part Two

Enter the door ahead of you and get the Reflective Shrine. Go forward and exit the door. You are now on the second level of the Fortress. Nice view. = ) Enter the next door and fear the flame traps. Get the Spirit Shrine and continue forward. Enter the next door and you are now in the Cloud Living Quarters. Go forward, through the archway and then to the left. Walk down the hallway and at the end take a left and go through the door. You are now in a dining room. Notice the square, upright stone atop the fireplace. There is a button behind it but you need to open it first.

Exit through the door on the left and pull the wall switch in the room with the big cauldron in the center. Return to the previous room, jump on top of the fireplace and push the button (4). The fourth Tome is now deactivated. Exit the dining room from where you entered, i.e., up the stairs, and return to the junction. Ahead of you should be a hole in the floor. Drop in the hole and walk up the flight of stairs that you see. Notice that the door is locked. You will need the Fortress Key.

Walk around to the other end of this area and up the next flight of stairs. You will be on a mezzanine level. Go to the center archway and cross to get the Fortress Key. (If you walk around the far edge from where you came in you can get a Spirit Shrine.) Return to the locked door and open it.

Enter and follow the stairs up and into a very well crafted eating room. Climb the stairs, go forward, and turn right when you have the choice to go either right or straight. Climb the stairs to the left and push the button (5) to deactivate the fifth Tome.

Go the other way on these stairs and get the Light of the Seraph Shrine. Climb up the bookcase. Jump across to the very dark alcove and pull the lever. Enter the door that the lever opened.

Exit this room into the next where you will see a Gold Armour Shrine below and a lift ahead. Go to the lift first, take it, and push a button (6). This is the last of the buttons to deactivate the seven Tomes. Jump down and get the Gold Armour Shrine. Follow the path all the way down and exit the map.

You must now make your way all the way back to the place where the green force field was. This force field is now no longer there and you can enter the room. But you must make your way back to the Inner Sanctum.

You are now on the mezzanine level in the Cloud Fortress. Jump down and enter the nearby large doors. Climb all the way up the stairs and exit through the next large set of doors.

You are now in the Inner Sanctum again. Climb the stairs to the left and return to the room where the green force field was. Remember, the force field is not there anymore so do not look for a green force field. When you get to the room behind where the force field was, get all the Shrines and then pull the two levers that appear. Jump on the teleporter and watch the cinematic.

Fight Morcalavin with all you have, making sure that your weapon is always Tomed up. There is a regenerating Mana Shrine in here, so do not worry too much about mana. You need to place your own Tome of Power over the only existing activated Tome that remains in the room. To do this you must first get Morcalavin’s attention. Shoot him when he is behind the force field. When he comes out he will appear and disappear quickly, making sneak attacks. Wait patiently for him and once he appears, shoot him. Then he will be at full power and stay in the same place for the most part. Watch his remaining hit points closely and when you are just about to bring him to zero, get very close to the ramp leading up to the Tomes. Shoot Morcalavin from here until he looses all of his hit points and as soon as he hits the floor, run up the ramp and get behind the force field and use your Tome on the last remaining one.

Game Over