Hexen II Map List

by the RavenGames.com team

To access a map, bring down the console (with the ~ key) and type in “map XXXX” where XXXX is the map name (e.g. Village1, Egypt2, etc.).

Note that the maps aren’t necessarily numbered in the correct order. The map names in italics are the ones that start a particular hub.

MapLevel Name
Demo3The Mill
Village1King’s Court
Village2Inner Courtyard
Village4Palace Entrance
Village5The Forgotten Chapel
Rider1a (Boss)Famine’s Domain
Meso1Palace of Columns
Meso2Plaza of the Sun
Meso3Square of the Stream
Meso4Tomb of the High Priest
Meso5Obelisk of the Moon
Meso6Court of 1000 Warriors
Meso8Bridge of Stars
Meso9 (Boss)Well of Souls
Egypt1Temple of Horus
Egypt2Ancient Temple of Nefertum
Egypt3Temple of Nefertum
Egypt4Palace of the Pharaoh
Egypt5Pyramid of Anubus
Egypt6Temple of Light
Egypt7Shrine of Naos
Rider2c (Boss)Pestilence’s Lair
Romeric1The Hall of Heroes
Romeric2Gardens of Athena
Romeric3Forum of Zeus
Romeric4Baths of Demetrius
Romeric5Temple of Mars
Romeric6 (Boss)Coliseum of War
Romeric7Reflecting Pool
TowerTower of the Dark Mage
Castle4The Underhalls
Castle5Eidolon’s Ordeal
Eidolon (End Boss)Eidolon’s Lair