Hexen II Sheep Poetry

by the creators of Hexen II

I thought I saw Little Bo Peep
But now, all I see is a sheep
Her white colt,
Didn’t molt,
For she was no Assassin
I was bashin’
And now she’s dead
Her white fur, all red

by Rick Johnson

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you feel lonely,
Inflate the love ewe.

by Tom Odell

Baaa, Baaa, Baaa,
The sheep is eating grass.
Ha, Ha, Ha,
I kicked the sheep’s ass.

by Jon Zuk

Small white cloud
walks on four legs
why do you run from me?

by Mike Raymond-Judy

There was a Crusader named Brett,
As vain as characters get,
More hit points than god,
And a Lightbringer rod,
As a sheep, though, he ain’t a big threat!

by Mike Raymond-Judy

Baa, baa, Black Sheep,
Blood stains in your wool.
Even though you have no arms,
Such evil tricks you pull.

Firing magic glyphs,
Nibbling peoples toes.
Gaining more experience,
For gibbing all your foes.

Baa, baa, Black Sheep,
Now the killing stops.
The Paladin will punch you,
Mmmmm… mutton chops.

by Eric Biessman

White wool, bathed in blood
No fear, I laughed at the sight
Nibbled to my death

by Eric Biessman

The dank wooliness
scratching and itching my chest.
Tears fall from my face.

by Steve Stringer

The Hexen II Polymorph Staff…
Is certainly good for a laugh…
When chasing the sheep
Through castle and keep
Be glad that it’s not a giraffe

by Kenn Hoekstra

I only dream of Ewe
Sometimes when I eat stew
Other times when I down a brew

I must admit there have been quite a few
But none that compare to you
I love you more than Yoo-Hoo
Or even Motley Crue

I only dream of Ewe
Never yearning for something new
Until I step in a pile of Ewe doo
And wipe it from my shoe

Luckily for Ewe
I already had some stew
So my heart will remain true
Dreaming only of Ewe

by Kevin Long

Alas, the cruel Demoness slew
Paramour, our heroic ewe.
But you need mourn him not,
As we thicken the plot
By gibbing of the Demoness too.

by Winnie Lee

The Fugitive

I am sheep,
see me run –

I am sheep,
it’s not fun –

I am sheep,
see me flee –

I am sheep,
leave me be…

by rack-daddy lann-o’linn (Chris Foster)

Shearing Time…

Bald again,
Yeah –
I’m bald again.

Jumping fences,
freezing cold.
In the fields,
in underoos.
You took my hair –
You took my pride –
at shearing time…
at shearing time…

Now –
we took the barn,
we got the farm,
we got your tools,
we’re on the move –
at shearing time…
at shearing time…

We circle close
as sheepish shadows –
ever closer,
as the terror mounts,
we ask you,

Just Who clips Who?
at shearing time…
at shearing time…

by rack-daddy lann-o’linn (Chris Foster)