Heretic II Map List

by the team

To access a map, bring down the console (with the ~ key) and type in “map XXXX” where XXXX is the map name (e.g. ssdocks, andplaza, etc.).

Note that the maps aren’t necessarily numbered in the correct order. The map names in italics are the ones that start a particular hub.

MapLevel Name
ssdocks.bspSilverspring Docks
sswarehouse.bspSilverspring Warehouses
sstown.bspThe Town of Silverspring
sspalace.bspSilverspring Palace
dmireswamp.bspDarkmire Swamps
andhealer.bsp Andoria Healer’s Tower
andplaza.bspAndoria Plaza
andacademic.bspAndoria Academic Quarters
andslums.bspAndoria Slums
kellcaves.bspKell Caves
canyon.bspKatlit’k Canyon
hive1.bsp The Hive I.
hive2.bspThe Hive II.
gauntlet.bspThe Gauntlet
hivetrialpit.bspTrial Pit
hivepriestess.bspLair of the Mothers
oglemine1.bspOgle Mines I.
oglemine2.bspOgle Mines II.
dungeon.bspMorcalavin’s Dungeons
cloudhub.bspThe Cloud Fortress
cloudsanctum.bspInner Sanctum
cloudquarters.bspCloud Fortress Living Quarters
cloudlabs.bspCloud Fortress Labs