Heretic II Cheats

by the team

To use these cheats, pull down the console with the ~ key and type in the code, then press Enter.

TWOWEEKSToggle Tome of Power on/off, suposedly only works in non-software render mode
SUCKITDOWN <item>Gives:
ALLAll items, including artifacts and keys
CHICKENTurns you into a Chicken
MANAGives you full Mana, Offensive and Defensive
STAFFPowers up the Blade one level. Do it twice and your Blade with Flame
GHOSTGhost Shrine
REFLECTIONReflection Shrine

Tip: access defenses with a single key stroke

from unknown author, found in a newsgroup

Sometimes you need a defensive weapon at your fingertips. Normally, you would have to select the item and then use it by hitting your defend key. With a text editor, you can make a couple of changes to your configs that will make a defensive weapon fire at the stroke of a key. First, open the file user.cfg in your Base folder. This file contains any aliases you want to create. Let’s say you want to create a key that activates the Tome of Power. Enter this into your config:

alias +tome "use powerup;wait;+defend"
alias -tome "-defend"

Save and close your config file. Now, start your game. In the console, type:

bind [key] +tome

[key] can be anything that isn’t already bound to another action. In the Options Menu, save your config. Now, in a game, you should be able to hit [key] and have your Tome instantly activated.