Hexen II Cheats

by the RavenGames.com team

Pull down the console, type in a cheat and press Enter.

noclipToggles walking through walls
godToggles god mode
notargetToggles making monsters ignore you
give h #Gives # health (where # is 1-100)
impulse 9Gives all weapons and mana
impulse 14Baaahhhh!!
impulse 25Gives Tome of Power
impulse 43Gives all weapons/items/quest-items
impulse 171Change to Paladin (must be lvl 3)
impulse 172Change to Crusader (must be lvl 3)
impulse 173Change to Necromancer (must be lvl 3)
impulse 174Change to Assassin (must be lvl 3)
chase_active 1Activate 3rd person view
chase_back #Set how far the camera behind the player is (# is a number)
chase_up #Set camera height (# is a number)