Heretic Walkthrough

by RambOrc

These descriptions not only give you a step-by-step guide how to navigate the levels, but also combat tactics and general tips on how to master the game. All walkthroughs are written for medium skill (3rd from 5), thus you might encounter a different number of goodies/foes when playing on an easier or harder skill.

All walkthroughs are assuming that you just warped to that level and don’t use any cheats, thus don’t have any artifacts or weapons except for the Elven Wand with 50 shots. That means, if you play the levels one after the other, you can ignore the parts at the beginning of most levels giving you instructions on how to get your first powerful weapon or artifacts.

Episode 1: City of the Damned

The Docks (E1M1)

From your start position, turn right and walk forward until you bump into a wall. Push it and you’ll find a secret with a Silver Shield and a Quartz Flask. Grab the other Flask in the start hall and exit to the dock area. On the right side, there’s a wooden walkway, taking you to a small room at its end.

Push the button and the platform will lower, giving you access to the yellow key. Get back to the hall and open the yellow door. Go down the corridor then descend the stairs. Go through the door to a new corridor.

Just before the turn in the corridor, there’ll be a room on your left where you can get the Gauntlets. The 4 doors in the next corridor lead to nothing special so you can ignore them.

Enter the great hall at the end of the corridor. Turn right and then right again, entering a corridor parallel to the one you walked before. Around midway you’ll see a switch. Throw it and you’ll see a door open on the other side. Go back a couple of steps to the secret door (marked with an eagle). Enter the secret passage, turn right at the intersection and the crossbow is yours.

Retrace your steps back to the hall and enter the newly opened teleport. On the water, watch out for the wind, which will make your life somewhat more difficult while battling the 2 undead warriors. Once you defeated them, grab the Bag of Holding and enter the teleport which leads you back to the dock area.

Retrace your steps back to the door you opened with the switch. By simply walking over you’ll raise the stairs. Climb them and turn right. You’ll already see the exit door.

The Dungeons (E1M2)

You start in a lookout tower. Don’t walk down any of the stairs, rather jump out through the window, then turn left until you come to a door that isn’t marked by any sculptures (as the Yellow and Green doors in this courtyard are). Open up the doors, one after the other, until you see a shadowy patch of wall on your right. Open this secret entrance and get in.

Walk along the secret passage. You’ll see a couple of Undead Warriors who not yet noticed your arrival, and a Tome of Power behind them. Grab the Tome, activate it and make short work of the Warriors with your powered up Elvenwand.

Jump down into the room below, then run up the stairs. At the end of the stairs, turn right, and grab the Crossbow from the alcove. A new room will open, revealing some Gargoyles. Be aware that as soon as you step into this new room, another one behind you will open, this time with Undead Warriors; entering this latter room will reveal a 3rd one, jammed full with Golems.

Once you got rid of all this nuisance, find the switch in a small alcove on the opposing side of this area, then grab the Yellow Key from behind the barrels.

Walk down the stairs that opened when you threw that switch just a minute ago. At the turn some Golems await you. Once you pass that point, a wall section will raise to offer you a splendid view of the courtyard you started in and all the monsters you left there. Time to finish them off…

In the middle of the lookout tower you can catch a glimpse of the Dragon Claw. Rush in, but don’t grab it yet, rather jump immediately to the side – the ceiling is a crusher, making pulp of you if you stand around long enough in the lit area of the room. With good timing, you can retrieve all godies from this room in 2-3 turns.

Once finished, go to the Yellow Door in the courtyard. Enter.

There is a secret in this small courtyard, a couple of steps on the left from the door leading into the next complex. There is a ShadowSphere in there, guarded by some Gargoyles.

Enter the complex. After a couple of steps, note the Blue Door on your left. Before you is a pond of poisonous slime, with an awesome amount of ponds floating over it. With true aim, you can take out a pod with a shot or two, resulting in a mass explosion that should take care of the Gargoyles in there as well.

Don’t enter the pond yet, but turn right just at its shore. There is a corridor on your right, jammed full with Undead Warriors. Put them out of their misery. The corridor looks as a dead end, but it isn’t one. Just push open the wall and walk on. Turn left at the first corner, turn at the 2nd corner as well but stop. On your right, there is a secret room with the Gauntlets and a Ring of Invulnerability (not that you would really need it in this map).

Now continue along the corridor, collecting the Time Bombs. After the next turn you’ll also find a Map Scroll. Prepare the bombs in your inventory and start back. Between the 1st and 2nd turn, a new room opens with some Golems. Just run by and drop off some of the Bombs, if you time it right there will be no more fight.

Time to cross the slime pond. On the other side, turn left and open the 1st door in the corridor. Don’t enter, just fire into the pods and then jump back. A heartbeat later, enter again. If you did it just right, there are no enemies left in there. When grabbing the Quartz Flasks, don’t forget there’s a crusher over them.

Once again out in the corridor, enter the 3rd door. Watch out, there will be some Undead Warriors firing at you from the front, and Golems trying to punch you out on both sides. It’s the best place to use the Ring of Invulnerability in this map, if any. Or if you’ve got an extra Tome of Power, just power up your Gauntlets, that should do the trick as well. Your prize for putting up with this folk is the Green Key and a Tome of Power.

Follow the corridor until you arrive at a wall switch. Hit it to go on. At the next turn there’s a secret door, giving you access to the Wings of Wrath.

After some stairs, the corridor ends. Once you arrive here, rooms on both sides open up, giving you some meat to chew on. After mopping up, get out.

Walk down the stairs outside. You’ll see a platform lowering. Step upon it and ride it up to the upper walkway. Collect the goodies and jump down on the side you walked previously, i.e. make the platform lower once again. Once it does, run over to the small courtyard behind the Yellow Door, the wall in its middle lowered temporarily, giving you access to some ammo.

Time to enter the Green Door. When you see the Blue Key, light your torch and activate a Tome of Power if you have one. Now grab that key. The lights go out, some Golems appear before and beside you and some Undead Warriors behind you, but thanks to the torch you won’t be blind and the powered up Dragon Claw will rip them all to shreds.

You can either return to the main courtyard and enter the Blue Door from there, or use the secret shortcut (one of the walls in the room behind you where the Undead Warriors came from). The latter leads through a horde of Gargoyles and the slime pond, so if you’re low on health take the more boring way.

Behind the Blue Door, stairs are winding down and down into ever-increasing darkness. At the very bottom you’ll find the exit.

The Gatehouse (E1M3)

You start in an empty courtyard. Grab all the ammo you can carry and exit through the gateway to the other courtyard that’s filled to its brim with Gargoyles and Fire Gargoyles. You can enter the Gatehouse through any of the 2 doors any time. If you want more action (and a torch), take the left turn.

Once you’re ready for the main objective, take the right turn. Enter the great room. Notice that platforms lower. If you’re fast enough, you can run over most of them, grabbing good stuff. Exit through the wooden door on the far side. Grab the quartz flask and run on through the next door. On your left, there’ll be a small opening. Jump in and grab the Crossbow. Now you stand a chance at last… 🙂

Proceed through the next room, take the left turn, grab the Shadowsphere and activate it. Go to the other side, grab the yellow key and run out. If you’ve got enough ammo, you can try to take out the half a dozen or more Undead Warriors and the Golems, but if you haven’t got enough ammo, just run for your life…

Retrace your steps to the Yellow Door. Take the left stairway.

Throw the switch in the courtyard and grab the Ring of Invulnerability from the acid pool. Proceed through the next hallway. At its end, jump down through a window. Throw the switch. Doors open on both sides, in there you’ll find a Morph Ovum. Get back to the room above, a wall panel opened, revealing Undead Warriors, the Gauntlets and a switch. Throw the switch.

Return to the tower. Kill the Undead Warriors and take the Green Key. Enter the teleport, you are now back in the start courtyard. Enter the Gatehouse, between the 2 doors a platform lowered giving you access to a Silver Shield and a switch. Hit the switch and get back outside. A new room opened under the gateway, revealing a teleport. Step into it.

Jump down and get back to the gateway. A teleport opened on the opposing side, take this one as well. On the middle of the courtyard, you’ll see a switch on each wall, giving you access to some goodies. From one spot on the wall, you can also jump for the Dragon Claw.

Get back to the room with the lowering platforms. A door opened, giving you access to the lake outside. Prepare your Morph Ovum and go to the isle on the backside. Once you step upon it, a secret place will be revealed with a nice amount of Undead Warriors. Aim true and smash the chickens. 😉

Retrace your steps to the room with the platforms once again. Open the green door. Hit the switch on the left, kill the Undead Warrior Ghost (watch out, he fires only red axes) and hit the switch on the right. The elevator in the rear room comes down, step upon it and ride it up to the exit switch.

The Guard Tower (E1M4)

At the start point, turn around and open the secret door. Inside, you’ll find a Tome of Power. Grab it and run back as a couple of Gargoyles appear behind the Tome.

Back at the start point, take the left-hand door. Run along the edge to the next building where you’ll find the Gauntlets and tons of ammo for your Wand.

Take the stairs down from this building and enter the next one ahead, on your right. Throw the switch in there and exit on the other side. Run up the stairs, grab the Dragon Claw, dodge the monsters and grab the Yellow Key. Keep running, as a crusher activates where you just stood.

Work your way toward the far side of the town. At the far right corner you need to go up some stairs then enter a building’s upper floor to get the Crossbow.

Now you should be sufficiently equipped to clean out the immediate area so as to get a free breath. Be sure to collect the goodies from the different buildings (mainly quartz flasks).

Return to the ledge near the start point. Watch the wall for a yellow ornament. Push this wall section and jump down the secret passage. Bust the Golem and enter the teleport.

On the other side of the teleport, you’ll find a horde of Gargoyles and Golems, a Map Scroll, a Bag of Holding, a Morph Ovum and a lot of ammo. As several wall sections have been leveled, you can return to the town on foot.

Time to open the Yellow Door. After entering, turn right and walk up the stairway toward the lower building beside the tower. Keep going on, and jump down into the courtyard on the far side of the building. On the far side of the yard you can enter the inside of the tower, where you’ll find the Green Key among an army of Gargoyles.

Return to the courtyard, run up the stairs and open the Green Door. At the top of the tower you’ll encounter a Disciple or two, nothing big. You might also want to check out 2 newly opened rooms, one where you saw that Shadowsphere up in a corner of the courtyard, and the other near the Yellow Door, giving you access to the ledge overlooking the town where all those nasty Undead Warriors have been firing at you from.

The Citadel (E1M5)

You start looking at a bridge. Instead of crossing it, turn left and circle around the block. After turning the first corner and proceeding somewhat more than half the length of the block, you’ll see a staircase on your right. Run up the stairs, then turn left until you reach a door.

Instead of opening the door, turn around. You’ll see a long ledge, use your run key to jump over. At the end of the ledge, turn right and behind a column you’ll find the Yellow Key.

Jump down towards the river, and cross to the other block. You’ll see several doors marked with a statue holding a yellow orb. 2 of these doors face each other at the middle of the building. Dart over and enter the room behind the left-hand one of these doors.

Throw the switch in there, then race up the stairs and tag along the corridor until you reach a dead end with a Crossbow. Grab it and get back outside. Now you’re sufficiently armed to get rid of all that howling annoyance out there.

After you cleaned up some, enter the room behind the other one of the previously mentioned Yellow Doors. Behind the door, turn left, walk up the stairs, then turn left again. You’ll see the Green Key at the end of a narrow ledge. Run over and grab it, watching out for those Disciples on the battlements.

After grabbing the Green Key, look down on your right and aim for the well with the Tome of Power in it.

Get back to the start point at the bridge. There are 2 new stairways leading up to a Green Door each. Enter on either side, bust the Undead Warrior and throw the switch. Your way leads down into an underground passage filled with critters (well, not for long, not any more).

Further down the passage you’ll see an alcove. When walking into it, an exit is revealed, leading back to the courtyard you have been running around this far. You should rather walk down the underground passage to the second alcove, it leads out into a new courtyard.

Once you come up, you’ll see a pool before you, a building on one side and the battlements separating the 2 courtyards on the other side (which is on which side depends on which of the 2 underground passages you took). Cross the pool, after its end there’s a stone precipice of the battlements, under which in a small alcove the Blue Key resides. Grab it and cross to the far side of the large building complex (either through or around it). On the other side is the Blue Door.

Behind the Blue Door you’ll find a room filled with water, and 2 staircases leading up. Walk up to the top. You’ll see an elevated pool with the Wings of Wrath in it, jump over to get it. With their help, you can easily collect all the goodies from the windowsills in this room. After that, you can either leave the map through the exit door (be prepared for a Disciple or two), or get back for some more carnage, there are still a lot of critters to finish off and some goodies to get. With the Wings, you can make some shortcuts, but basically all places high above are reachable through other means in this map.

The Cathedral (E1M6)

At the start point, turn right and head up the stairs. Tag along the corridor and jump down at its end. Grab the Yellow Key.

If you need some weaponry, there’s a Gauntlets behind a metal door, on the left of the Yellow Key. Also, a hidden room opens when you grab the Key, revealing some Undead Warriors – and a Tome of Power.

Don’t concern yourself with the army of critters in the great hall, you better run and come back later on with heavier weaponry at your disposal. For now, just make for the Yellow Door.

Behind the Yellow Door, turn right and hit the wall switch. Turn around and run to the platform that lowered in one of the tombs. Ride it up, race along the corridor and grab the Crossbow. Now you stand a chance.

Be sure to collect the Crossbow bolts in the room and waste only Wand Crystals wherever possible. Once you cleared out the area more or less, make to the end of the hall opposite to the Yellow Door. Throw the wall switch and ride the platform up. Grab the Silver Shield, then open the door and drop down.

The lights go out and some monsters appear. Keep your eyes out for the Dragon Claw, it should be ahead of you on your left. After grabbing it, go up the stairs and walk along the ledge on the right side. Try the wall periodically for a secret door in the stained glass wall (your automap might offer some help here).

Behind the secret door, collect the Time Bombs and exit at either end; your only way is through the darkened room, either way. If you have the Gauntlets and a spare Tome of Power, prepare the Gauntlets, activate the Tome and take the left ledge now. There is no secret door but an illusionary wall, meaning you will suddenly stumble into a hidden alcove. Your best bet to survive now is to suck those attackers dry, healing yourself in the process. With any conventional weapon, you’ll most probably be ripped apart at this close range before being able to finish off the Undead Warriors and Golems.

Drop down into the dark room for the last time, walk up the steps and exit through the door. The last part of the right-hand wall will open if pushed, walk up the stairs and drop down on the coffin. A floor section before you will drop, giving you access to a hidden tunnel. Prepare yourself for a lot of Golems, then dive in.

Emerging from the tunnel, you’ll find yourself in a small graveyard. In the left-hand wall, there is an alcove. Open the door there and grab the Ring of Invulnerability. Get back to the graveyard and walk around the house until you see another alcove. Open its door, enter the teleport, grab the Morph Ovum, teleport back.

Enter the building in the middle of the graveyard. On your left, there is a lighter wall patch, push it to enter the room behind. Throw the switch in there, then enter the teleport. You’ll be teleported onto the top of the coffin in the adjoining room. Once you step down, a 3rd room will be revealed, offering you the Green Key.

Time to get back to the main Cathedral complex. Fastest way is through the alcove where you found the Ring of Invulnerability.

Race up the stairs to the Green Door, open it, and turn right. Run along the long corridor. After the turn, you’ll arrive on a ledge overlooking the main hall. Before jumping down, throw the switch on your left. Now you have access to the wall switch at the far end of the room, which in turn lowers the exit portal.

Before you exit through the great portal which takes you to The Crypts, you should go back to the beginning of the map where you ran away from some lowly critters and show them who’s the real master around these parts. When using the Wings of Wrath you found behind the Green Door, you can fly up to the stained glass windows in the first hall, revealing some more secrets.

In case you also want to see the secret level before proceeding to The Crypts, go back to the Green Door and tag along the corridor once again. Near to its end, there’ll be a new opening on the left. Prepare yourself for the biggest Disciple onslaught this far, and enter. Walk down the stairs, turn right, then instead of walking down the next staircase, enter the corridor on the same level to find a switch. Ascend the stairs now, at the end turn left, smash the last Disciple and enter the teleport leading to The Graveyard.

The Graveyard (E1M9)

Prepare yourself for a tough ride… this is by far the most difficult map of this whole episode. You start behind some tombstones with a little ammo lying around. No cool weapon, but up to a dozen Undead Warrior Ghosts. Your best bet is to race through between them. Run in the direction of the Yellow Door, and just before it turn left, there’s a Dragon Claw wedged in between some Pods.

Exit the graveyard through a passage that leads to a courtyard with a building block in its middle. From the point where you enter this courtyard, after a couple of steps on your right you’ll find a stone door. Enter.

In there you’ll find the Yellow Key. Hit the switch that lowers the column in the middle of the room. Before you grab the Tome of Power, be aware that on the opposing side of the room 2 Disciples of D’Sparil will appear, blocking your exit. If you’re low on ammo and/or health, you might want to renounce the Tome for now.

Get back to the Yellow Door. Through it, you enter another courtyard. Run to the far right corner and hit the switch on one of the supporting columns. A door opens in the middle structure. Get in and grab the Green Key, then exit to the initial graveyard to enter the Green Door.

If you’ve got a torch, the rooms behind the Green Door are the best place to use it. By descending to the lowest level, you’ll find a Crossbow. There’s also a switch on one of the columns near to the stained glass windows. Hit it and ascend the stairs again.

A new passage opened near the Green Door. At its end, you’ll see the Blue Key. Be aware that the moment you grab it, the passage you are in will become longer, revealing some Golems and the Wings of Wrath. At the same time, behind you 6 rooms will open, revealing some more Undead Warriors and a Ring of Invulnerability.

You should be now sufficiently equipped to clean out all previous areas (no real Heretic leaves anything but corpses in his/her wake when exiting a level). Once finished, time to open the Blue Door. In there you’ll find some Time Bombs to finish up the Golems. Just drop ’em in double and run, most of the time the spirits of the Golems will raise up to heaven (and I mean it literally).

Ascend the stairs to the central room. On one of the walls, throw the switch. 4 siderooms will reveal some more Golems – the last round to kill. By stepping into any of the siderooms, the end teleport in the middle is accessible for a couple of seconds. Step in and Crypts, here we come!

The Crypts (E1M7)

From the start point, jump down into the water and keep on running until you circle the long platform. At its far end, ascend the stairs and keep dodging the Golems and Gargoyles until you reach the mini-lift that takes you up to the Yellow Key. Grab it and jump, there’s a whole tumult behind your back you don’t want to be part of…

Head over to the Yellow Door. Behind it you’ll find the Crossbow. In the hall turn right, then left. See that Morph Ovum? Grab it, then run like a bunny, as the room is suddenly full of Golems. Let them chase you to the crusher, then watch them go all pulpy. 🙂

In the next room, turn right and go up the stairs. On your left, there’s a switch guarded by a couple of Undead Warriors. Hit it and go back down. At the far end of the hall a staircase has been raised, allowing you access to the double courtyards outside.

Go along the left side of the ledge, jump over to the next one, then grab the Green Key in the alcove. Jump down into the courtyard and find the exit that’s at the end of the slime flow.

Follow the passage up to a Green Door. Behind it, there are 2tombs and some Undead Warriors. By hitting the wall switch on the right, one of the tombs will drop, allowing you access to a ledge overlooking a large hall. Prepare yourself for some heavy crossfire, then dive in.

On the far right side of the hall there’s a small door, behind it there’s a wall switch that lowers the platform upon which the Blue Key sits.

Time to open the Blue Door. Watch out for the crushers after the first turn. Behind them, there’s a stairway leading up to 2 thrones. Behind the the thrones there is a wall switch. Hit it and jump down the shaft.

Ahead on the left you see a quiver of crossbow bolts. Jump up and get ’em. Once you’re there you’ll see a passage leading up to a Map Scroll. A couple of steps more and you can open a secret door that leads back to the corridor just behind the Yellow Door.

Get back to where you jumped down. Cross over to the other side where you see a large coffin. If you jump on it, at the far side of the room a door will open, giving you access to the start point of the map, and revealing a room behind that, containing a pair of Disciples and some goodies. Finish them off and get back to the coffin, there is also the exit door. A last Undead Warrior Ghost to go and you’re home free.

Hell’s Maw (E1M8)

Run along the ledge to the left for the crossbow. Go to the other side for the Gauntlets. Drop down from there and collect all quartz flasks along the way. Switch to the Gauntlets and run up the stairs to the platform crowded by Undead Warriors. Dodge between them and grab the Tome of Power. Activate it and drain the life force of all foes. The powered-up time should be sufficient enough.

Throw the switch and step into the teleport. Shoot the pods and run across the room. Throw the switch and step out to the ledge overlooking a new pit. Grab the Dragon Claw and drop down. Run around the pit, collecting the stuff along the way.

Don’t stop running as the Nitrogolems from the pod room will pour out to the ledge and their projectiles are homing. Dodge their attacks and concentrate on the Iron Liches.

Once you’ve killed them, a wall section opens opposite the ledge, revealing a cave with an army of Nitrgolem Ghosts and Disciples. Race over like hell, at the entrance of the cave is a Ring of Invincibility. Get to it before the first Disciple does. Activate it and run to the back of the cave for a 2nd Ring. Now you’ve got a fair chance for survival. If you’re a loser you can already exit the level but if you’re a true Heretic, you’ll clean out this last outpost of the City of the Damned before you go to the other side to seal the portal forever.

Episode 2: Hell’s Maw

The Crater (E2M1)

You crossed over the portal from the City of the Damned to Hell’s Maw, as you can seal the portal only from the far side.

You start in a crater. If you’re good at running around, just run circles around the crater and you won’t have to fire a single shot to get rid of the majority of the gargoyles.

Even better, run into the small cave you see the opening of, and throw the switch, grabbing the crossbow along the way. Get back out and run down the stairs in the newly opened cave. At the bottom of the stairs, turn around quickly and race back. You’ll have 2-3 Weredragons to help you dispose of the gargoyles. If you’ve run out of foes, run down the cave again. This time run around the wall at the bottom of the stairs, a step or two to the right, then to the left, and then back up to the crater. You lure out even more Weredragons to a place where you can finish them off easily.

Walk down the cave the last time. There won’t be more than a Weredragon or 2 left. If you turn right at the bottom of the stairs, there’ll be a secret door on your right after a couple of steps.

Collect the goodies in the cave, and activate the Wings of Wrath you’ve found. Fly behind the wall in the lava. You’ll find a teleport there, with the yellow key on top of it. Once you grab the key, you’ll be sent back to the crater.

Open the yellow door, and fly down to the big cave. Before your Wings lose their charge, collect the Dragon’s Claw on the right side and the green key on the left side. Near to the green key, there’s a wall section with a slightly different texture. Grab the Urn from this secret room and fly back.

Behind the green door is the exit teleport, guarded by a Weredragon. Before you enter it, get back to the other end of the cave, where there’s a new opening, linking this cave with the Weredragons’ lair from before. In the latter there’s a new room revealed, with a Bag of Holding and a Hellstaff.

The Lava Pits (E2M2)

You start on a ledge overlooking a large cave filled with lava. Jump down and race in the direction of the small isle where you see the crossbow. You can collect the ammo from the other isles as well. Watch out for the color of the isles, the yellowish ones are OK but the paler ones will sink once you step upon them.

Head over to the backside of the cave. Run around and shoot all Sabreclaws. At the start of the lava flow you’ll find the yellow key. Where the lava disappears down a crack, you can jump down for some extra monsters and artifacts. Use the found Wings of Wrath to fly back up.

Fly up to the lava pool over the place where the yellow key was for another artifact. Fly around above the perimeter of the pool until you hear a door opening nearby. Jump down and enter the new small cave. Grab the Shadowsphere and turn around for a Disciple surprise.

Head over the lava pool to the opening you not yet entered. There are 2 yellow doors, guarded by Sabreclaws. Dispatch them and enter. Go up the stairs and throw the switch to raise another stairway. Go up the stairs. When the great door opens, another one opens behind you at the point where the switch was. In that new cave you’ll find a Dragon Claw.

Get out and turn right. Pass the green door and walk down the hallway, then turn right. There are 2 doors, an open corridor and a secret door opening from this area. If you’re low on ammo or health, the room behind the door on your left is the only one you absolutely need, housing a switch opening a house nearby. Throw it. The secret door is in one of the corners, marked by an eagle. Behind it are a couple of Disciples and a Hellstaff.

Down the corridor you arrive to a room overlooking the lava pit you found the yellow key in. There’s a red banner on one of the walls, it’s a secret door. Entering that room opens a secret room and entering that one another one. You’ll find the usual stuff (Disciples and artifacts).

Retrace your steps back to the green door. Go on until the house. On the far side, there’s an opening. There’s also a Ring of Invulnerability nearby, it might come handy for the next battle (not that you’ll really need it). You should have by now at least 2 Tomes, so activate one, as there’ll be a lot of Undead Warriors, 2 of them Ghosts. Once you disposed of them all, grab the Green Key and head back to the Green Door.

There’s a switch in the exit room. Throw it to gain access to the exit teleport for a short time. But don’t enter it yet. Run along the wall to the other corner, and enter the hidden cave. Go around the columns to the wooden wall section. When you near it, some of the columns behind you will lower and you get company. Once their short lives are over, open the wooden panel and step into the teleport. You get back to the raised lava pool you’ve already cleaned out.

Jump down and run over the lava to the yellow door. Climb the stairs and go by the house, to the point you got the Ring earlier on. There’s a new cave opening now. Activate a Tome of Power and switch to the Gauntlets (you can find them in the house, right behind the green key).

There’s an Iron Lich in this secret cave. It’d be a complete waste of ammo to use any weapon, just suck him dry with your Gauntlets. If you don’t let loose (thus stopping your regeneration process), you won’t have any probs. And for the armor you might have lost, there’s a Falcon Shield nearby, giving you full armor again.

Time to get back to the green door and pull the switch again. This time it’s for real, step into the exit teleport.

The River of Fire (E2M3)

From the start point, head over to the lava-filled cave ahead. Run to the back of it and grab the crossbow. Dispatch the enemies and throw the switch.

Head back to the start point, and run down any of the stairs. At the top of the stairs, a new cave opens and Weredragons start pouring out, so just keep running.

Run around the whole river, collecting health vials (you should be pretty battered after the 1st fight) and jumping in for some crossbow bolts into the lava river (unless you’ve got enough ammo). Shoot only the monsters barring your way, else keep running. If you stop for fighting, you’ll be cornered fast.

Beside the yellow door, there’s a small alcove from the river side. Jump in for a Dragon Claw.

Following the river will take you eventually back to the start point, but this time with more health and ammo. Time to get rid of the Weredragons. In the cave they came from you’ll find the Gauntlets and a quartz flask or two.

Go in the direction of the lava cave you found the crossbow in and look for a small crevice on either side. Slip in and you’ll be in a corridor leading to one of the Green Doors. On the right side, you can get the yellow key, on the left side, a Tome of Power.

Get back to the Yellow Door, tracking the river once again. Activate the Tome and open the door, but don’t enter. With the powered-up Elvenwand, you can make short work of the Gargoyles. Switch to the Gauntlets and enter the room, then run over to the other side where Weredragons appear. If you’re fast enough, you’ll have no trouble killing them all before the Tome gives out.

Collect the quartz flasks, the Morph Ovum and the Wings of Wrath. Get back to the start point. Activate the Wings and fly over the river from one end to the other, collecting everything from it.

Go to any of the green doors and open it. Against the Sabreclaws, the time bombs will work just fine, but watch out for the Disciple. Go up the stairs, then kill more Sabreclaws and throw the switch, then grab the artifacts from the windowsills (watch out for the Disciples on the other side of the bars).

You can now access the blue key in the lava cave. There’s also a switch, after you throw it get down to the lava river to collect the Phoenix Bow and some ammo for it.

Go to any of the blue doors, activate the Tome and the Shadowsphere and switch to the Gauntlets.

Open the door and suck dry all the unsuspecting critters. Before the Tome and the invisibility gives out, you can clean up one side. Switch to the crossbow or the Dragon’s Claw for the Disciples (or use the Morph Ovum on them).

Enter the exit room if you’re low on health. Grab the quartz flasks but before you exit, clean out the other side as well. In case you didn’t notice, there’s a Falcon Shield and a Bag of Holding on the left side. On the right side, you’ll find a Hellstaff.

Once you crushed all resistance and robbed the caves plain, it’s time to exit.

The Ice Grotto (E2M4)

When exiting the start cave, watch out for the ice, it can get slippery as hell. Shoot the Gargoyles on the right then turn left and then right again. In the distance, you’ll see a moat filled with molten rock and battlements beyond it.

Look out for a Morph Ovum. Aim for it, and run. After grabbing it, cross the small excess of the moat on your left and grab the Crossbow from the cave. Run back to where you got the egg and get the Tome of Power from the cave nearby.

Now you’re sufficiently equipped to clean out the whole area this side of the moat. Take care with those Weredragons though, if you just skate around like a 5-year-old you’ll most probably slide full into their fireballs.

At the other end of the area there’s a temple. To enter it, get the Yellow Key, it’s in a crevice in the vicinity.

Once in the temple, run up the stairs to the altar and grab the Phoenix Rod. Not only will there be more Gargoyles to battle, but also a teleport will open behind you, on the left of the gate.

Jump into the teleport, if you’re lucky you’ll telefrag the Disciple up there, if not make short work of him or he’ll do the same to you.

Before jumping down, look around and find the stained glass window. If you aim right, you can grab the big Phoenix Orb while jumping down.

Get back to the temple. On the right side of the gate, another teleport opened. Jump in and all is the same on this side, with the exception of a Green Key.

Head back to the beginning of the map and enter the Green Door. The teleport will take you up the battlements you saw earlier on.

Take out all foes up there first, then jump down and take care of the rest in the courtyard. Watch out for the Disciple shooting you from the house on your left.

Walk along the path between the 2 houses. In the distance, you’ll see a fountain with a torch on its top (anyone’s guess why it’s still burning). Grab the torch and enter the large building ahead of you.

On the far left side of the room, wooden stairs lead up to the upper floor. Run up the stairs and enter the long corridor. Turn left, then left again and enter the room on your right. Throw the switch.

The rest of the building is worth exploring, you can get a lot of cool stuff like half a dozen Time Bombs, a Bag of Holding, a ShadowSphere and ammo, but you don’t have to do anything else here if you are keen on getting out of the Grotto as fast as possible.

Go back to the house from where a Disciple shot you earlier on. Its doors are now open wide, so just walk in and grab the Blue Key. Once you touch it, the doors of the neighbouring house open as well, get in there for the Wings of Wrath. Once you enter that house, a secret room opens a in the same house where the Blue Key was, revealing a teleport that takes you up to the battlements.

Now that you got the Blue Key it’s time to unlock that door and walk up the stairs to a noisy encounter with an Iron Lich. Blast it, grab the Hellstaff (or the other way around), and follow the corridor to the exit door. A last Disciple to be stomped out of existence and Catacombs, here we come…

In case you want to see The Glacier (the secret map of this Episode), don’t exit yet. Either use a Chaos Device, the Wings of Wrath or the teleport in the Blue Key house to get back to the other side of the moat. Go to the temple. Behind the altar, a new door opened, revealing a Disciple, a Mystic Urn and another exit teleport. This one takes you directly to The Glacier.

The Glacier (E2M9)

Use the pods carefully. If you succeed in pushing them together with a couple of monsters and then taking out a pod with some direct shots, you’ll save a lot of ammo. The other thing to know is that on the left, the lowest of the 3 niches holds a crossbow, and the 2nd niche a quiver of arrows for it (watch out for the Disciple in there).

Once finished, go down the hallway and jump down on the left side. Go up the ice ramp that circles around. Grab the yellow key on the top, and enter the teleport which brings you back to the hallway.

If you want some more action, on the far side of the great hall, behind the ice structure, you can see some niches with stained glass. If you near them, they’ll open and after taking out a couple of Disciples you can get to some useful items.

Activate your Shadowsphere and open the yellow door. You can either take out the Weredragons with the crossbow or if you’ve got a Tome to waste, just suck ’em dry with the Gauntlets. Once you’re halfway through, you can use the freshly collected Time Bombs as well. Watch out for the Disciples behind a window at the far side of the hallway. Grab the green key and get to the green door.

Enter the room behind the green door and walk up the stairs. Run down the first stairway on your left, and shoot the pods around the blue key, then grab it. Run up the other stairway, turn left and descend the stairs. Right after the turn watch out for a small wall section with a slightly different texture. There’s a Ring of Invulnerability in there. In the rest of the maze you can find some more goodies and an Iron Lich, nothing special.

Eventually, you’ll feel like getting back to the blue door. Be prepared for some heavy-duty Disciple crossfire. The moment you enter the exit room, a wall opens behind you, revealing some more Disciples and 2 teleports. Check them out for some extra goodies. Before you check out the one on the left, best to activate the Ring of Invulnerability.

The Catacombs (E2M5)

You start in a large courtyard, with a stairway in front of you. Go up the steps and notice the small pit on the right. Jump in for a Dragon Claw and instantly hit the switch to be able to get out fast because the Gargoyles are coming…

At the intersection, turn left and run up the stairs and turn left. Look down and you’ll see the Yellow Key on top of a column. Aim carefully and jump over.

Get back to the intersection and climb the other stairway. Be prepared for some Sabreclaws and a Disciple of D’Sparil.

Once you finished them off, prepare your Dragon Claw, hit the switch and jump down into the newly opened secret room. Kill the Weredragons and get the Bag of Holding. On the left of the window, notice the strange wall pattern. Push it to get out on a terrace for another Weredragon and the Gauntlets. Jump down to the courtyard you started in.

Retrace your steps to where you pushed the switch to the secret room. Jump down the other side into the water and go to the Yellow Door. Open it, kill the Gargoyle, run through the corridor (watch out, there’s an abyss) and run immediately back. You’ll lure out a Gargoyle from your left and you might also see some Weredragon fireballs from below and from the right… kill the Gargoyle, then run back out, turn right, hit the switch, turn back, grab the Tome of Power, then run back through the corridor.

A new door opened, leading you deeper down into the catacombs. Let yourself float down the river, and when you reach the end of the cave, turn back. Walls lowered and a horde of Sabreclaws and Gargoyles charges you. If you’re low on ammo and/or health, best to activate the Tome along with the Gauntlets. If you’ve got a lot of Dragon Orbs, use the Dragon Claw in conjunction with the Tome of Power. This way you have only to shoot and turn around, you don’t even need to aim and everything will be torn to pieces.

Once you enter the small alcove with the Silver Shield, the door leading further down opens. Navigate expertly so that you don’t get washed down… just before the opening to the new hall, you’ll see a wall switch on your right. Throw it and jump down now. You’ll see some teleports lower on the right side, jump into any of them. Walk along the upper corridor until you see an opening on the right. Go in there for some goodies and a Sabreclaw or two.

Get back to the previous hall. Time to crush the Aluminum Head. Once done, go up the steps in the backside of the room, step through the door, and jump down the other side. Kill the Sabreclaws and go into the room on the right. A platform will lower, step upon it and ride it up. Go forward at the intersection and grab the Green Key. On the left is a small room with a Disciple and the Crossbow.

Get down again and go into the back part of the room. Throw the switch and grab the Urn, then exit towards the lava pool. Turn right and run as fast as you can. There’ll be a cave on your right, run in and grab the Ring of Invulnerability and activate it. Phew… Get rid of the brown critters and grab the Hellstaff. Enter the teleport to get back to the starting courtyard.

Retrace your steps to the Green Door. (On the way down, you will notice that a door opened on the right of the Yellow Door. You can trample down the Weredragons if you want, there is also some stuff to get.)

Open the Green Door. Kill the monsters first, than get back to the corridor with the 6 Disciple doors. Open the middle one on the right, step in and the other 5 doors open. Some Sabreclaws and artifacts will be revealed.

Go through the door in the far right-hand corner and get the Blue Key. You’ll also see an opening high in the wall, you can jump in to get the Wings of Wrath.

Also, in the Green Room with the pool there are 2 Disciple doors. The left one can be opened. Jump into the teleport to get the Phoenix Bow.

Time to open the Blue Door. Some Sabreclaws come at you, but they should be no problem. And as for the Disciple behind the exit door, see the screenshot for clues what to do… just reveal his true nature and smash him with your boots… 😉

The Labyrinth (E2M6)

Open the shutters and brace yourself for a tricky run. Speed down the ice to the other end of the courtyard, dodging the gargoyles and weredragons and grabbing the ammo along the way. Once on the other side, enter the building. Step on the ice, turn around and grab the Gauntlets from the alcove that opens for a short time.

Related to the point you entered the building, turn right and enter the maze at the 1st opening. At every turn take the right one and you’ll get a Crossbow within seconds. Your best bet is now to remain in the maze, running around, collecting all ammo and health and disposing of the enemies along the way.

Once things calmed down somewhat, grab the yellow key now (unless you stumbled upon it already by running around earlier). Exit the maze and make short work of any monsters in both the building and in the courtyard you came from. Time Bombs work pretty well against Sabreclaws.

Between the yellow and the blue door, open the mural. Armor is always good and the Morph Ovum will be fun later on.

Open the Yellow Door. When you step through the door, a hidden alcove behind you opens up for a short time, revealing a Bag of Holding. Just what you needed.

Beyond the yellow door, watch out for the Disciples. Don’t miss those Wings of Wrath. From this room, exit through the left-hand passage. After a couple of steps, you’ll notice a small cave on your left. If you enter it, part of the wall will be lowered, giving you a shortcut to the 1st courtyard. Ignoring that, enter the smaller cave on your right and get the Shadowsphere.

Clean out the upper level of the area first, stocking up your ammo. Once ready to take out the Sabreclaw horde in the pit, activate the wings and make short work of the beasties. If you still have some time bombs left, you can drop it over them as well. If you warped directly to this level, you’ll be most probably low on ammo for the only weapons you already have, so it’s time to activate that Morph Ovum, revealing the true nature of your enemies (they’re all chickens).

Before the Wings give out, you should be able to fly into the 2 crevices where there’s no ice but a poisonous liquid. Grab the Quartz Flasks and enter the teleport room in the middle of the pit. First grab the green key, then enter the teleport. It’ll take you to the ledge just behind the Yellow Door, giving you access to the Dragon Claw (to which you’ve collected a nice amount of ammo already).

Make your way to the Green Door (don’t forget the usual crevice, this time with a Tome of Power). Clean out the upper floor, then descend the stairs. Time to activate that Shadowsphere (makes it much harder for your enemies to hit you) and also the Tome. Switch to your Gauntlets, and start sucking off the energy from everything in sight (in such a cramped space, adding to your life force all the time from that of your foes you’ve got a much better chance to stay alive than just by shooting around). In the room on the right among half a dozen Weredragons, you’ll find the blue key (you have to use the teleport in the central room to reach this one).

Leaving nothing but a pile of steaming corpses in your wake, climb the stairs again. There’s a new opening in the wall, leading back to the 1st courtyard. Halfway on the right side there’s a small cave. Get inside for a Hellstaff.

By exiting the cave, you’ll see a lighter section of the opposing wall. Open it and show the Disciples the true power of a Hellstaff. Your reward is the Phoenix Rod.

Time to open the Blue Door. In the usual alcove, there’ll be a Ring of Invulnerability. If you’re low on ammo or health or whatever, you are welcome to use it, but you won’t really need it. Just wade through the flock of golems with either the crossbow or one of your fast-fire weapons.

Descend the stairs, ready your Hellstaff and enter the small alcove at the other end. That Disciple won’t stand a chance. Throw the switch and ready your Phoenix Rod.

If you’re as fast as any decent warrior, that stupid metal head won’t even have time to unleash a spell before giving out a loud “bang!” sound and falling over. Grab the Urn and enter the teleport leading to the next map.

The Great Hall (E2M7)

From the start point, walk down the stairs to the first terrace and grab the Crossbow. From this point, look down in the direction of the 2nd terrace. You’ll see a switch in the rock wall. Aim and jump down, hit the switch, then run toward the gate. You’ll be able to climb up on the coffin and thus enter the building.

Once in there, turn left and go through the door. Continue straight on and enter the next door as well. Run to the other end of this room and hit the switch, then turn around and grab the Yellow Key.

After you clean out the room, you might want to do some jumping around to collect the goodies from the wooden structures.

Get out of this room through the door you entered it and turn left, go through the door, then turn left again and pass through the Yellow Door. There’s a switch in there, hit it and get back to the room where you got the Yellow Key.

A new door opened. Watch out for the SabreClaws, then take the right ledge and walk along it until you see an opening on your right.

Run up the stairs. While you walk in that direction, a platform lowers for a short time. Just ride it up for the wall switch, grabbing the Dragon Claw in the process.

Cross over to the other ledge, and enter the small room on your right and grab the Green Key.

Time to go down the stairway into the large corridor. Walk to the Blue Door, then turn back. Platforms are raising and lowering on these ends of both ledges. Take the right hand one. There is a small cave on your right with good stuff in it. An elevator brings you back to the ledge.

Walk to the other end of the ledge and look down. If you aim carefully, using the run key you should be able to jump unto the lower ledge. Behind the central relief is a secret room, push the panel to open it.

Go to the elevator of the other ledge and get up there. Through an opening you can access the room where you got the Dragon Claw. Cross to the other side of the room and exit through a similar opening.

Besides a couple of SabreClaws, there’s also an Iron Lich and a Ring of Invulnerability in that room.

Get back to the room where you found the Yellow Key. A new corridor is revealed, follow it for a couple of Time Bombs and Mace Spheres.

This corridor takes you back to the first hall of the building, with the Green Door on your left. Perfect.

Enter through the Green Door, cross to the other door on the far right side, and grab the Blue Key. Return to the previous room where a small alcove is revealed with a wall switch. Hit it and see a wall section raise to give you access to the cave you could saw through the bars from where you got the Blue Key.

It’s a good idea to activate either the Wings or the Ring as walking around in lava is not exactly a good idea, especially when WereDragons are blocking your way. On a small island, you’ll find the Phoenix Rod.

Exit the cave on the far side, out into the start area. Look on your left for a ledge with the Shadowsphere. Grab it, then get back to the Blue Door.

Passing through a short corridor, you emerge in the Great Hall at last. Walk up to the throne and throw the switch, the exit door at the other end of the hall opens and through the body of a Disciple you can exit the map. Don’t forget to grab that Urn just beside the exit door.

Portals of Chaos (E2M8)

Ride up the elevator. Instead of starting to shoot, just turn right and run like a bunny. Dodge all Undead Warriors and keep on running. You’ll see a crossbow atop a small hill. Run up and grab it. On your left a new secret room opened behind a stockade. Step in for a Falcon Shield and the Wings of Wrath.

Keep on running until you see some stairs on your left. Run up them and jump down the other side. Head straight to the middle of the pool, grab the Ring of Invincibility and run to one of the 4 teleports. Step into them only from the poolside, or you won’t be able to grab the item in it. From the place you’ve been teleported to, get back to the central pool and grab the other 3 items from the other teleports the same way.

If you’ve not yet ran around all the way over the outside circle, do it now. In the pit with the Iron Lich you’ll find a Dragon Claw. Be aware that you can exit that pit only on one side.

By now a lot of walls have been leveled and most monsters should be in the middle, fighting the Maulotaurs. Just keep running around until nothing else but the Maulotaurs remain. They’ll be somewhat weakened by now and you won’t have to watch your back.

Activate the Ring and a Tome of Power, then switch to something heavy-duty (like the Phoenix Bow or the Hellstaff). At least one Maulotaur will fall before the Ring gives out, and the rest will be pretty battered. To escape their most effective attacks (the flame line on the ground), activate the Wings and keep on shooting and dodging.

Once the last of the Maulotaurs bellowed his last curse and lays motionless on the ground, 4 blue portals will be revealed. Step into any of them to leave Hell and move into someplace even nastier – and a lot more wet…

Episode 3: The Dome of D’Sparil

The Storehouse (E3M1)

Switch to your weapon #1 (the staff) and open the door, but don’t step outside. Wait for the gargoyles to attack you and pick them one by one without wasting ammo which will be sparse in this level. When no gargoyle’s left, run accross the courtyard do the other side and jump into the small room there. Do it with the 2 other rooms opening from the yard as well.

Throw the switch in the courtyard. Enter the next yard and throw the other switch. Go back to the 1st courtyard and get the goodies from the platforms. Enter the door opening from the 2nd courtyard. Cross the main building and exit to the lake. Prepare yourself for an Iron Lich.

If you’ve got enough ammo and are good at circling an opponent and dodging multiple attacks, attack the Iron Lich and run around so the tornadoes and fire walls won’t be able to hurt you. Don’t worry about the gargoyles, most of them will perish til you finish off the Iron Lich. After you’ve killed it, go up the steps to the upper level of this area and collect the goodies (if you don’t want to fight the Metal Head yet, do this at running speed, then drop down in the middle and run back to the main building. Be warned though, the Iron Lich will follow you with some delay into the building, into the first corridor, up to the point where the steps start, thus being able to lay fire on the green door and also the door you’ll have to exit after getting the yellow key).

Get back into the building and enter the door a couple of steps away from the yellow one. Don’t venture too far first, as Sabreclaws will attack you from all sides. Best to retreat back to the corridor and finish them off one by one as they appear in the doorway. After disposing of them, get the Silver Shield in a back alcove.

The amount of ammo you still have will determine how you should fight at the next step. If you’ve still got a lot of ammunition for the Dragon Claw, you can run down the weredragons. If you’re depending on your Elvenwand, you should either shoot them through the bars (beware, they can shoot back through the openings as well), or lure them out one by one and finish them off by applying good footwork.

Enter the room behind the bars and grab the yellow key. Get back to the yellow door. Time to activate the Shadowsphere you found beside the lake. Once you enter the small house behind the yellow door to grab the green key, a new room will open up behind you, revealing 2 Undead Warrior Ghosts. That’d be a very tough fight, especially with the low amount of ammo you most probably have and with the heavy Disciple crossfire at your back from the 1st courtyard. But if you’re invisible, nobody will notice you’re there (until you get real close to someone).

Time to get behind the green door. If you were lucky and the Iron Lich “laid” you an egg, you can reveal the true nature of the Ophidians in that room. Else you’ll have to do it the hard way. Once they’re no more, throw the switch and get back to the lake.

There’s a new room with a pillar in its middle. Throw the switch and some gargoyles will attack from behind (if you’re not swift enough, that is). Go to the far side of the lake and collect the Tome of Power and the Wings of Wrath in the 2 corners. Get inside the building.

Descend the stairs and kill the gargoyles. After several turns, you’ll arrive to a larger room. As you can see on the screenshot, an Iron Lich is hiding just in front of the exit teleport. Tough, eh? Especially if you’ve no ammo for the Dragon Claw any more?

There’s a real nice solution for this. On the left side of the room, notice the somewhat different wall texture. Push it and get the Hellstaff from the secret room. Especially in combination with the Tome, it’ll be a child’s play to make the Metal Head say “bang!” before it collapses… 🙂

If you’re a perfectionist and you didn’t have enough ammo earlier on to kill everything that moves, now you’ve go the means with the Hellstaff and the abundant ammo. On top of the pillar beside the lake you can get a Ring of Invulnerability, simply fly up with your Wings. Before their power goes out, fly back to the 1st courtyard and you’ll have easy aim against that Disciples that made you run like the bunny at the beginning of this map… well, the bunny grew some sharp teeth and now it’s payback time… 🙂

The Cesspool (E3M2)

Ignore the first room and proceed directly to the 2nd one. Right after the entrance, turn right, race up the steps, take the right-hand entrance, and grab the Crossbow. Clean out this water-filled tunnel first, grabbing goodies on the way and throwing a switch. The tunnel takes you back to the courtyard.

Back in the courtyard, get rid of the annoyance (be it of a flying or of a running type), grab the Yellow Key, then activate your Wings to get the goodies from the top of the columns.

Time to head back to the start room. When you come from the courtyard, turn left and open that Yellow Door. At the first turn, there’s a secret room with a couple of items. Proceed down the stairs, and make sure to enter the alcove on the left, among other things there’s a Hellstaff in there.

Ignore the Green Door, rather walk up the steps to the teleporter. Before entering it, prepare your Morph Ovum.

Once on the other side, maneuver around until the Disciples are more or less in one bunch, then fire the egg. If you’re a good shot, you won’t have to fight any wizards but only chickens…

Time to grab the Green Key. Be aware that once you walk up to it, a couple of Ophidians will attack you.

If you face the alcove with the Green Key, there’ll be a teleport on your right leading back to where you came from and one on your left that you should now enter. It’ll teleport you to a room with Ophidian crossfire (thankfully, the animals are caged). You’ll also see a Dragon Claw on top of a stairway. Grab it and exit through the hallway.

You’ll see a Green Door on your right. Open it and you’ll stand face-to-face with a Disciple. I trust it won’t be him standing there after the next 5 seconds…

After the first turn of the corridor, on your far left you’ll find a room with a low ceiling, near to it there’s a banner on the wall. Push it and you’ve found a secret with an Ophidian and the Phoenix Bow in it.

Proceed further down the corridor. There’s a wooden door on your left, throw the switch in the room behind it.

Time for some jump’n’run. Once you stand on the ledge where the Map Scroll floats in the air, just push the wall section with the banner and you’ve found another secret with a Ring of Invulnerability.

Once you climb the wooden structure with the Green Key on its top, a wall section will raise and an awful lot of Disciples will try to get to your throat. Just leisurely activate that Ring and anything else you might have, and mow ’em down. If you’re fast enough, the effect of your artifacts will hold out until you grab the Blu Key, get back to the Blue Door and smash the Iron Lich.

The Confluence (E3M3)

Drop down the waterfall, and race through the open area. At the far end of the river, just before the bars, sits the Yellow Key. Grab it without getting grabbed by the Iron Lich in return, and run over to the Yellow Door. Opposite the door, there is an alcove at the far end of the corridor, with a secret door in the middle. Get the Crossbow from behind, now you have a fighting chance.

Once you cleared out the rooms behind the Yellow Door, push all switches and enter the teleport. You’ll get up to the top of another waterfall, where you can get the Green Key.

Open the right-hand Green Door, then the first door on your right in the corridor. In one of the rooms in this area you’ll find the Dragon Claw.

Go around the central pool, and up the stairs to the room in the back (watch out for Undead Warrior fire from the far left side of the room and Ophidians from the pool). Before you touch the Blue Key, get ready for Weredragons blocking your exit.

Behind the Blue Door, take the right turn. clean out the Undead Warriors and throw both switches at the far end. Also, there’s a secret door in between them. On the left-hand wall there’s still another switch, by pushing it you raise a wall section, step in if you feel up to facing half a dozen Disciples in such a confined space. Your reward is the Hellstaff.

Get back to the central pool, its perimeter lowered so now you can step in. Grab the goodies (including the Phoenix Rod you saw behind the bars from outside).

Once at the Blue Door again, go left this time. Watch out for the crusher in the middle of the room. Go up the stairs at the far end, and fight your way out to the waterfall. Hit the switch there, then jump down to the confluence area.

Down there you’ll see that 2 previously closed doors are now open. Take the right-hand one and ready some big gun, as an Iron Lich and a Disciple will be waiting for you.

Before you enter the exit teleport, walk to the other corridor and watch the left-hand wall closely. There’s a slightly different pattern, if you push it you lower an elevator. Ride it up to reach the point you started the level at, grabbing some goodies along the way.

The Azure Fortress (E3M4)

Work in Progress

The Aquifier (E3M9)

Run to the far right part of the room. You’ll see a crossbow there. Grab it, dodge through the Golems that start pouring out of all holes, and grab some extra crossbow bolts as well. Now it’s time to get clear of that mass communion, especially that from the other side of the room Ophidians are laying down heavy crossfire. Around the stairs at the back of the room you should have enough room to maneuver.

Once you got rid of the critters, go back to the alcove where most Golems came from. In little niches, you’ll find some powerful artifacts.

Exit the room. Fight your way through 2 long corridors. Toward the middle of both corridors on the left-hand wall there’s a secret door, hiding some Ophidians and goodies.

Enter the Throne Room and cleanse it of the Undead.

Walk up the stairs to the throne. A door will open, revealing a couple of Disciples of D’Sparil and the green key. Once you grab the key, from 2 side rooms even more Disciples will appear. Smash ’em all and get back down to the hall. Near to the door you came in through, there is a small door leading through winding corridors to a lava cave with the Phoenix Rod.

From the Throne Room, exit through the Green Door. In the first room you’ll find just walk to the pillars and the secret door will open, giving you a chance to smash the Ophidians behind that window quickly.

Descend the stairs further to a great hall. Get ready for fast action, then jump under the big crusher, grab the Hellstaff and get out before it comes down on your head.

Look around and locate the Blue Key. Once you grab it, Disciples will appear. Clear them out and step into the teleport.

On the other side, just some more critters to go and you stand before the Blue Door. Open it, crush the Metal Hedz and you’re all set to get out of this map.

Of course it wouldn’t be clean work to go just yet, so run around the outer corridor from the Blue Door, and locate the teleport with the Wings of Wrath sitting in it.

Prepare your heavy weaponry and step into the teleport.

You are zapped down to the water around the complex you’ve been in a moment ago. There are some grey big-headed playmates around, smash ’em to pulp, watch ’em sink, then locate the barely visible alcove somewhere on the outer wall of this big water container. This is a door so just open it, grab the stuff in there, step into the teleport…

…and you’re back in the room you started this level in. There are some new Disciples who won’t learn anything else in their lives any more but to never get into the way of a true Heretic.

The bad news is you’ll have to walk through all the known areas, all the way to the Blue Door. Once there, it’s really time to go.

The Ophidian Lair (E3M5)

Before you hit the switch, turn about 30-45 degrees to the right, then prepare yourself for a race and throw the switch. Jump off the platform before it fully descends, and run into the corner of the hall you’re looking to. Get around the column from the right, grab the Crossbow and the ammo, steer to the left, run along the wall, grab the ammo from the next corner, then turn left again, run along this walkway as well, jump into the alcove, turn sharply left, and run up the stairs.

Why all this? Taking your time in the central hall means heavy ophidian crossfire; where you get the crossbow, several Iron Liches (and on hard skill also a Maulotaur) try to grab you through the bars; and hesitating in the alcove before you race up the stairs might get you stuck in a melee combat with several Ophidians and Sabreclaws from all sides.

At the top of the stairs, go through the door and clear the hall from all Gargoyles. There are 2 switches on columns in the back of the hall, they open doors with a Hellstaff, a couple of Sabreclaws and some ammo.

Once you’ ready, walk up the steps and grab the Yellow Key. Several rooms open around you, revealing still more Gargoyles.

If you step into one of these rooms, the stained glass at the other end of the hall (where you came in first) will raise, revealing a couple of Disciples and a teleport. If you jump into the teleport, be very quick, you’ll have to dodge several BIG foes while collecting powerful goodies, and getting back alive to the teleport.

Time to open the Yellow Door. In there, there’s a column with four switches, 3 of them open a door on one side of the room, giving you more playmates to toy with. After pressing all four, go on to the room with the Green Key (you can’t get it yet), and open the door at the far end of the room.

In the corridor you walk down, most alcoves are small and hold some kind of ammo – except for one alcove which is a bit deeper, if you step into it a door will suddenly open and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with an Ophidian. Bash in his ugly lizard-face and stomp out his collegaues upstairs, you can get a nice amount of goodies as reward.

Get back to the hallway. At its end, if you grab the Dragon Claw, you get some Disciples as side order. No matter, just go on into the next corridor, hit the switch, and bash in some more Disciple and Sabreclaw heads. Afterwards, if you get back to the room with the Green Key, you’ll be able to get it. Still more vermin will try to stop you, but a true Heretic is unstoppable. 🙂

You guessed it, next stop is the Green Door. Hit some Sabreclaws over the head, add a couple of Ophidians to the mixture, hit the switch in the upstairs room, and you’re all set. The exit door is now open, and that laughable excuse of a last stand consists of but a single Disciple of D’Sparil.

You guessed it, next stop is the Green Door. Hit some Sabreclaws over the head, add a couple of Ophidians to the mixture, hit the switch in the upstairs room, and you’re all set. The exit door is now open, and that laughable excuse of a last stand consists of but a single Disciple of D’Sparil. If you ain’t a chicken (or a real killing machine who did this already before), go and blow up the Metal Heads out there before you go.

The Halls of Fear (E3M6)

Work in Progress

The Chasm (E3M7)

Before you start out, get the crossbow bolts from the platform you’re standing on. The niches on both sides of the hall are filled with Ophydian scum so race across it, grabbing the crossbow in mid-run.

In the big room behind the 1st door there are some golems, no big thing, the real threat are the disciples on the other side of the openings. Their missiles can hit you if you’re standing in one place for too long. Once you cleared out the golems, grab the Bag of Holding and prepare for the attack of the Undead Warrior and the Nitrogolems. Though this is somewhat tough with a single crossbow and not much ammo, it’s worth the fight: you’ll get a quartz flask and a full quiver of arrows.

Exit on the other side. There’s a large mural opposite the yellow door. You can get up there from the edge of the walkway. Open the mural and jump back, else you’ll stay face-to-face with 2 Weredragons. Shoot ’em and get back up. Throw the switch, enter the opening teleport, and repeat it twice. You’ll have to fight 2 Sabreclaws but your reward among other things will be a fast-fire weapon you badly needed.

Continue down the walkway once again, and enter another big room. Clear it and go to the back of the room. Make minced meat of that would-be wizard and push the button. Some Undead Warriors will jump you from behind but it shouldn’t be a prob.

Get back to the previous room and climb the newly raised stairs. Grab the yellow key and walk to the yellow door. Take a deep breath… 🙂

You’ll have to move fast or the horde of Sabreclaws will slice you to ribbons. Not to forget the pair of Disciples… add an Iron Lich or 2 who might hit you now and then through the bars from the central chamber.

Once you’ve finished them off, head to the stairs opposite the blue door. Walk down the hall and turn right. At the end of this corridor there’ll be a small niche with a switch, 2 Ophydians and a Morph Ovum. Grab/throw/kill (not necessarily in this order).

Walk back along the corridor. On your right there’ll be a new opening. In there, there’s another switch. This allows you to access the big door opening from the hallway.

Behind the door is a Maulotaur. In your current situation, best bet is to power up your Dragon Claw and gut him.

Step on each of the front teleports. They’ll get you up to the galleries on both sides of the hall. Throw a switch on each side to lower a teleport and a floor switch.

If you step on the floor switch on the right, a couple of Disciples appear and what’s cool they bring you a Hellstaff. The teleport on the left at the back is to get up the gallery of the same room. Grab the green key and open the wall section with the different texture. The time bombs will come handy within seconds.

Open the green door and descend the stairs. The underground maze is obviously a Sabreclaw den. Time bombs and the Hellstaff, both your recent acquisitions, work just great.

At the end of the maze, just before you cross a stream, there’s a different wall section and behind it a secret room with a Phoenix Rod.

Climb the stairs and you’ll see the chasm itself. There’s a strong wind blowing out there so you’ll get over most of the time only if you run (pressing the SHIFT key) and steer yourself toward left as well.

If you fell down along the way, there’s a teleport in the muck bringing you back to the known side of the chasm for another try.

Once you crossed successfully, grab the blue key and the Wings from the small cave. Fly over to either side of the chasm to the canyons. On both sides you’ll find some Ophidians, an Iron Lich, a Wings of Wrath and some other artifacts, including a Ring of Invulnerability.

Is the fun over, retrace your steps back to the blue door. Open it and heat under that walking kettle… the exit switch is just behind it.

D’Sparil’s Keep (E3M8)

Now you stand just a hair’s breadth from D’Sparil himself. This is, finally, his keep. Not that it looks like much, truth to be told. Most of the level looks like underwater or dunno what (OTOH the courtyard itself is cool).

Your first task is to peer down over the edges of the platform and find where the crossbow is. Jump down in that direction so when the gargoyles start attacking, you won’t be too defenseless. Dispatch them and grab the Shadowsphere and the Wings.

Activate the Shadowsphere, fly up and enter the teleport. Grab the Dragon’s Claw and send the Disciple to its creator. Exit the teleport and you’ll be in the start hall, where another teleport was made accessible. Enter as well, kill everything that moves and when you get back to the start room there’ll be a 3rd teleport. Throw 2 switches there, crush the metal head, grab the Hellstaff and enter the teleport.

You’re in the start room for the last time. The 4th and last teleport is now open. Before you enter, notice the small bars at the bottom of a wall section on the right. Open a secret door and get some goodies.

Time to enter the teleport to the keep’s courtyard and face the arch evil, D’Sparil himself.

Before you get down from the raised part of the courtyard you arrived to, edge along and grab all the good things up there. Hop down and ready your Phoenix Rod for some roast serpent.

Before you shoot the beast, grab the Wings in a corner of the black building. Fly up and open a door on both sides to get cool stuff like a Ring of Invulnerability and a Mystic Urn.

Once you’ve shot it enough, it’ll get angry and move faster and shoot 3 fireballs at once. Still no real threat. It’s just like pigeon shooting (OK, not completely).

The real thing begins first when you suppose you’re already finished. Instead of dying like he should, D’Sparil will rise and attack you again. The moment the beast collapses, activate a Tome of Power and a Ring of Invulnerability. Ready the Phoenix Rod (or if it’s empty, the Hellstaff).

Shoot him from as small a distance as you can manage. Though one of his shots would be enough to kill you, the ring will save you. And though normally he’d just teleport away at once when hit from this close quarters, when hit with the powered up version of the 2 weapons specified above, he’s got a significantly lower chance to do it.

Of course you won’t finish him off before the Ring wears out. Once it does, you should run around the courtyard, and shoot him at every opportunity you can see at all where he’s teleported to before he teleports away again (it’s much like you can see it in the Heretic II intro movie). What the movie didn’t tell you though are the Disciples D’Sparil can summon all the time. Especially on the highest skill level, they make your task virtually impossible (if not fully).

Sooner or later, you should be able to hit D’Sparil hard and often enough to finish him off. Watch him suffer and die, he deserved it. He’ll roar something a moment before his bones collapse (according to the Heretic II intro movie, it’s a curse laid upon you for defeating him).

Anyway, once he’s dead, a new room will be revealed at one end of the courtyard. You’ll find a wall switch in there. Pushing it will cause stairs to raise on the other side. Now you can walk up the stairs and get into that big portal. Wave goodbye to D’Sparil’s remnants — and suffer his curse. According to the “Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders” expansion pack story, you entered the teleport in D’Sparil’s keep but instead of getting home you arrived into another plane conquered by D’Sparil’s armies. This is slightly different from what the Heretic II intro movie tells, but what the hell… I dislike both modifications of the original glorious ending Heretic had back when it was released in 1994, when you simply defeated all evil, stepped into the portal and went home (the “Shadow of the Serpent Riders” expansion pack was released 2 years later and Heretic II another 2 years afterwards).