Heretic II Enhancement Pack

by the team

New Staff Combat

All below described conditions and moves are part of the “Advanced Staff” package included with the EP. If you wish to play Heretic II with the staff combat exactly as it was in the retail, you can set this variable at the console: advancedstaff 0.

Staff Blocking

A staff equipped player will automatically block an opponent who attacks with a staff if all these conditions are met:

  • The attack is coming in from the front 120 degree arc in front of the defender.
  • The staff is at the ready, e.g. he defender is not doing anything with their upper body (like attacking).
  • The defender is not running forward. Walking still will allow you to block.

No key needs to be held to block. A successful block will cause the attacker to recoil, and the blocking player has a chance to make a quick counterattack. Also, if two players are attacking each other, the swords may collide, which would make both players block.

Controllable Spin Attack

The spin attack in the retail version randomly chose between two different types, a clockwise horizontal spin and a counterclockwise overhead downward slash. Some people had requested the ability to control which slash is used. So, in the new system, if a player is running straight forward and attacks, the overhead downward slash is used. If that player is running forward and strafing when they attack, the horizontal spin is used.

Downward Stab

The character will flip his or her staff, and spear it downward. Very hard to hit with, but a sucessful stab will do 250% damage. Can be executed two ways. While standing still, if action is held and attack is pressed, the move will be executed. More a move just for show in this case. Otherwise, if the player is jumping forward with the staff ready (not running and jumping, because the player will polevault), if jump is held and attack is pressed, the attacker will come down with a powerful downward stab.

Back Sweep

This move sweeps the staff around the character’s back. It is not as powerful as a normal hit, but can be useful in a critical situation. This can be used at any time by holding the action key and pressing attack with the staff at the ready.